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Wellington, New Zealand/Neuseeland.

Catch Sushi Bar Donbeh Japanese Restaurant CLOSED! Hede
Kushi Miyabi Sushi Japanese Cafe Tsunami Sushi CLOSED !
Udon Restaurant & Sushi Bar CLOSED!

Catch Sushi Bar

Name:Catch Sushi Bar
Address:48 Courtenay Place, Wellington
Phone:(04) 801-9352
Review:" Traditional sushi bar with seating around a conveyor belt. Sushi is being constantly made fresh with lovely warm sticky rice - you can watch the chefs prepare it as you eat. Also a small selection of other traditional Japanese food available. "
- Debbie Hunt ( [November 15th 2000]


Donbeh Japanese Restaurant CLOSED!

Name:Donbeh Japanese Restaurant and Cafe
Address:97 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Phone:(04) 499-1153
Fax:(04) 487-9903
Review:"For details check their homepage."
Link:Donbeh Homepage with menu



Address:1st Floor 43 Cuba St (lower Cuba), Wellington
Phone:(04) 472-5249
Review:" I have heard good things about it. "
- Michael Perkins ( [February 16th 2003]



Name:Kushi yakitori bar
Address:56 Cuba Street, Wellington
Review:" Whole new japanese dining experience!!japanese barbecued skewers, grilled in front of you by experienced yakitori chef. enjoyed the unique atmosphere and friendly staffs. other japanese cuisines are served as well. see you there. "


Miyabi Sushi Japanese Cafe

Name:Miyabi Sushi Japanese Cafe
Address:Shop 13, 142 Willis St Village, Willis St, Wellington
Opened:Mon - Fri: 11.30am - 2.30pm,5.30pm - late,Sat 5.30 - late
Reviews:"Superb Japanese food"
- Norm Wong
"A selection of authentic sushi and Japanese meals, Domburi, Udon, Soba, Teriyaki etc. Very tasty!!!!"
- Chuck Wing [June 23rd 2000]
"I was there last December 2000. I surely strongly recommend this Miyabi as one of the best Kiwi's Sushi-bar to you all. Taste good judging from my gourmet the native Japanese's taste, price reasonable and people running the shop friendly even they are Chinese but not Japanese. Be sure that lots of so-called Japanese Sushi bar in the world serve things garbage other than Sushi even if run by Japanese, namely they are sometimes mere shameful swindler self-outcasted monkey without minimum experience to cook. Don't be a victim! "
- Ario ( [March 21st 2001]
"Miyabi was looooooooong my favorite restaurant in Wellington. Very friendly atmosphere and nice and cosy in Winter. But best of all the food is simply outstanding - I miss Miyabi most about Wellington. Take your friends they'll be impressed you know such a great out of the way place... "
- Max ( [Nov 3rd 2005]


Tsunami Sushi CLOSED !

Name:Tsunami Sushi CLOSED !
Address:43 Vivian St. Wellington, New Zealand
Phone:04 381 4990
Review:"Donbe and Udon no longer exist in Wellington. "
- Scott [June 23rd 2000]


Udon Restaurant & Sushi Bar CLOSED!

Name:Udon Restaurant & Sushi Bar CLOSED!
Address:City Art Gallery, Civic Square, Wellington, New Zealand
Phone:(04) 801-8828
Fax:(04) 801-8828
Opened:Mon-Fri: Lunch and dinner
Review:"Good selection of noodles, great chicken miso."
- Lisa Pedersen ( [October 24th 1997]


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