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Hana Raw Bar-Sushi Sushi-E
Toko Uchi-Lounge Y´s
Yoshii (2) Yoshii CLOSED !


Name:Hana Japanese Teppan Yaki
Address:18A Falcon Street, Crows Nest, 2065 Sydney
Phone:(0612) 9906-8767
Opened:Daily: 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Review:"This restaurant is great if you like Japanese food. Itīs not only a restaurant that sells Japanese food, but you can watch the Chef cook your dinner, right in front of you. Itīs a Teppan Yaki restaurant. Itīs great fun too ^_^. The Set Banquets are cheap and so are the Entrees and Main Courses. "
- Marina Nicky Carter Cheng ( [January 14th 1998]


Raw Bar-Sushi

Name:Raw Bar-Sushi
Address:Cnr Warners & Wairoa Ave, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Review:"Definitely worth trying !!! Bento-Box (Sushi, sashimi, tempura prawns, teriyaki chicken with rice and miso soup) A$ 15.00"



Address:Establishment Hotel,Level 4, 252 George Street, Sydney
Phone:(02) 9240-3041
Reviews:"This has to be one of the best sushi bars in Sydney. Chef is Australian who trained in a Ryokan for 2 years and then Unkai of the now ex ANA Hotel in Sydney. Always consistent in standards. Soft Shell Crab Roll is one of the signature dishea and is delicious. Has won quite a number of awards. "
- Cheryl ( [Feb 9th 2005]
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Address:490 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW 2010
Phone:(+61) 2-9357-6100
Review:"They call themselves an Izakaya style restaurant. They serve very fine grilled dishes (fish/meat/vegetables) as well as superb sushi/sashimi. Their menu has lots of very inventive rolls. Usually very busy."
- Sushi World Guide Team (Jan 14th 2014)
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:15 Brisbane Street, Sydney, Australia
Phone:(612) 9261-3524
Fax:(612) 9261-3524
Opened:Mon - Sat: 8am - 11pm
Review:"Great ´Modern Australian´ Japanese food, as well as good coffee and dessert."
- Graeme D. Wong ( [August 21st 1998]



Name:Y´s Japanese and Continental Restaurant
Address:99 Mount Street (corner of Walker St.), North Sydney, Australia
Phone:(00612) 9955-9000
Fax:(00612) 9955-8299
Review:"Opened in 1997. Giant sized windows looking over the intersection of Mount and Walker Streets, North Sydney. The suburb for most of the modeling agencies, advertising agencies, and lately most of the computer and communications companies in Sydney. Elegant yet casual atmosphere, fully licenced, air-conditioned. The only Japanese restaurant where you can get a great expresso coffee, or is it the only Italian Restaurant where you get an excellent Sashimi or Tempura ? Mixed menu - say half Japanese and half Italian. Lunches are a bargain . I can´t believe the prices. All the Entrees (starters to you Yanks) are A$4.50 and Mains are about A$8 to A$12 - this price includes a soup and side salad. Dinner prices are about double the lunch time ones, although the menu is completely different. Good wine list - prices are the same for lunch or dinner - A$12 to A$35. They have two head chefs , both Japanese, but one trained and worked in Italy. At night they also have two ´Course Menus´ for A$40 and A$60 which let you try lots of different Japanese dishes. These seem to change weekly or monthly. I only tried one once as there were too many dishes- too much food. I think it would be best to order a couple of Starters and one of the ´Course Menus´ and share everything between two. Well that´s about all I can say. I have tried most of Sydney´s Japanese Restaurants and this one is definitely the best one for lunch (price and taste wise) and for dinner I would put it in the top 20 for food and in the mid-price bracket."
- John Rich ( [January 9th 1998]


Yoshii (2)

Name:Yoshii (2)
Address:115 Harrington St, Sydney
Phone:(02) 9247-2566
Review:" I do not know if this is run by the same person who used to run the former Yoshii. "
- Susanne BeDell [August 27th 2002]


Yoshii CLOSED !

Name:Yoshii CLOSED !
Address:Ground Floor, Mercure Apts., 1 Murray St., Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW 2009, Australia
Phone:(612) 9211-6866
Fax:(612) 9211-6890
Opened:Tue-Sat: noon-3pm, Mon-Sat: 6pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Outstanding sushi, sashimi and tempura, as well as exciting and innovative combinations of Japanese and Western food. Hard to find and no great views, but wonderful, wonderful taste sensations! Sushi chef is Ryuichi Yoshii, and this is his restaurant."
- Wayne Henderson ( [November 11th 1997]
"Outstanding sushi !"
- John Walters ( [January 31st 1999]
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