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Genki Hana (former Himeji) Japan Sushi Restaurant CLOSED !
Simply Sushi Suzuki Sushi Teppanyaki


Name:Genki Japanese Restaurant
Address:1/9-15 Field Street, Adelaide
Phone:(08) 8231-3883
Fax:(08) 8267-4398
Opened:Tue-Sat: Noon - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10pm, Sun: 6pm - 10pm
Review:" Makes fast food seem expensive. A good meal from under $10 and a large Sushi meal (13 pieces plus soup, pickles, salad and tea) for around $15. The Sushi´s quality is on par with restaurants that charge twice as much. A very casual and friendly atmosphere. We take our children,(aged one and three), and they have taken to sushi like ducks to water. Shozo Ikeda is a friendly host and chef. "
- A. Keane & S.Keane ( [February 27th 1999]


Hana (former Himeji)

Name:Hana (former Himeji)
Address:61 OConnell Street, North Adelaide
Phone:(08) 8267-5417
Opened:Dinner 7 days, lunch Friday
Reviews:"Best sushi and sashimi in Adelaide with an absolutely huge range of fresh fish. Shozo is a fantastic host and worldclass chef. Dean always runs things like clockwork. Fully licenced and only .50c per head for BYO wine. Private rooms and take away alos available. Take my advice and have the futomaki (jumbo rolls) for dessert - just to be greedy!!"
- Garth Welsh ( [January 7th 1998]
"Himeji has closed and has become Hana. Under new chef and management and offering very high quality sushi and sashimi. Great friendly service and excellent sake selection (try it served in the wooden cup with salt). Better than ever! "
- Adrian Bennett ( [March 5th 2003]
"My first experience with sushi. Shared with a visiting Japanese friend, the food was sensational and the hospitality great - highly recommended. "
- Alan Schwarz ( [Feb 10th 2005]


Japan Sushi Restaurant CLOSED !

Name:Japan Sushi Restaurant CLOSED !
Address:211 Kingwilliam St. Adelaide, S.A. 5000 Australia
Opened:Mon-Fri: Lunch only
Reviews:" Sushi Restaurant is a new restaurant in Adelaide. Locate:Leftside of Bank SA in Kingwilliam St. Downstairs....Opened in September 01. "
- 9th ( [September 29th 2001]
"Incredible quality sushi on special lunch menu and excellent value! "
- Adrian Bennett ( [March 5th 2003]


Simply Sushi

Name:Simply Sushi
Address:108 Jetty Road, Glenelg, Adelaide
Phone:(08) 8294 5514
Review:"My vote goes to Simply Sushi on Jetty Rd; Glenelg. Far and away the best quality sushi restaurant in Adelaide. Great range, fresh and reasonably priced. Excellent hot meals also. "
- Matt Bearden ( [Aug 20th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Suzuki Sushi

Name:Suzuki Sushi
Address:70 Moonta St., Adelaide 5000 SA
Phone:(08) 8211 8823
Review:"Adelaide, Australia In the Central Market, in the old food court. Big Sushi, more meat, less rice. One of the nicer Sushi places in Adelaide. Reasonably priced as in food court. "
- Patrick [Nov 17th 2005]



Name:Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant
Address:116 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside, Adelaide, Australia
Phone:(08) 8272-1841
Fax:(08) 8338-1290
Opened:Thu-Fri: lunch, Mon-Sat: dinner
Reviews:" Very expensive and very small serve size. There are many better restaurants in Adelaide. "
- Peter Sanderson ( [May 18th 2001]
" Very good value for money, enjoyable food, REALLY SATISFYING!! "
- Nikki (nikki_tord@hotmail) [January 9th 2002]


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