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Balducci's Royal Sushi Bar Fujiyama Go Mama Go Restaurant
Kotobuki Leaf SushiRestaurant Mama Yama Express Sushi Bar
Sake House Restaurant & Sushi Bar The Codfather Tokyo CLOSED !
Wakame Wasabi

Balducci's Royal Sushi Bar

Name:Balducci's Royal Sushi Bar
Address:Shop No. 6162, Victoria Wharf, V&A, Waterfront, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:(+27) 21 4216002/3
Fax:(+27) 21 4216010
Review:" Very nice Sushi bar located inside the Victoria Mall, mostly populated by businessfolks on their lunchbreaks. Sushi and Sashimi tastes quite well. "
- Olf Stoiber ( [February 11th 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:The Courtyard, 100 Main Road Sea Point 8001, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:434 6885
Fax:419 4893
Reviews:"The In Crowd meets here. The setting is beautiful. Spacious room, nice decoration. Superb sushi (hamachi, shiromi, masu), crayfish miso spoup and all other specialities. Second outlet: MAMA YAMA Express Sushi Bar"
- SUSHI WORLD GUIDE CREW [January 12th 1998]
"Have been there and the sashimi was very disappointing. Next time in Cape Town I shall try another restaurant."
- Gianmario [September 7th 2000]
"Thanks for your amazing website. Most appreciated. As a dedicated sushi eater of several years standing, dedicted enough to visit the East for the genuine taste of an original sushi experience, I feel it is my obligation to inform you that Fujiyama, one of the restaurants that you have rated highly, has probably slipped in quality since last you visited Cape Town, and now ranks one of the worst Sushi venues in terms of quality in Cape Town. Our perception of the place is that the fish is not fresh, in fact, rather ransid, and that they cater for the mass market - producing copiuous amounts of the same thing, rather than giving each order unique attention. The chefs are unpleasant, and the service still unprofessional. This is not simply my personal bias or something that has been gleaned from one bad experience. I have friends that feel similarly about sushi, and similarly about Fujiyama. I would urge you to revisit the place if you can, or remove it from your recommended choices list, as the unsuspecting visitor would face a most unpleasant experience. "
- Daniel [March 9th 2001]
"I have never been disappointed by anything at Fujiyama Restaurant. I have been fortunate to visit the East and Fujiyama is definately on par with restaurants in Japan. I think that most Japanese visitors to Cape Town would agree that Fujiyama is like eating in a restaurant at home, because I am always in the minority[being western] when dining there. Sushi chefs are not unpleasant people, they're just very busy - they don't always have time to fraternize with patrons, anyone who has been to Japan would know this. There is a wide veriaty of fresh fish and each order is given serious attention. Fujiyama is not a sushi bar, which is why the food will always take a little bit longer to get to your table.It is always worth the wait. If you're not sure where Fujiyama is, it's the restaurant in Sea Point that always has the large touring coaches parked out front.Fabulous restaurant. Fabulous website. Thanks. "
- Monica [February 19th 2002]
"Absolutely brilliant Sushi place which also offers convenient Take Away. Parking available at the high school across the road. "
- Olf Stoiber ( [February 11th 2003]
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Go Mama Go Restaurant

Name:Go Mama Go Restaurant
Address:105 Paramount Place, Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:+27 21 439 4918/9
Fax:+27 21 439 4922
Opened:Mon-Sat 11am-10:30pm closed Sundays
Reviews:"Funky conveyor belt sushi bar seating ninety persons. Specials include two eat as much sushi as you can buffets (Wed & Fri) and an end of the month sushi party."
- Leigh-ann Combrink [June 25th 2000]
"Hi tech, vibey conveyor belt sushi bar. Special eat as much as you can evenings every Wednesday and Friday."
- Dr Martin Forlee [june 29th 2000]



Address:The Avalon Hotel, 3 Mill Street Garden, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Opened:Tue-Fri: Lunch, Tue-Sun: dinner
Review:"Sushi, sashimi, tempura. Downstairs function for 30 diners, mainrest. Seats 60 incl. A crayfish tank and a bar-area for predinner drinks. Well versed staff. Liquor licence."
- S. Kubokawa [September 17th 2001]
Link:Kotobuki Review and Menu


Leaf SushiRestaurant

Name:Leaf SushiRestaurant
Address:5 Hospital Street
Review:"A trendy Sushi restaurant with a modern look. Bringing delicate sushi and wonderful drinks to match. Serves seafood, grills and Asian Food. Opened August 2010"
Link:restaurant homepage


Mama Yama Express Sushi Bar

Name:Mama Yama Express Sushi Bar
Address:Greenmarket Square,15 Shortmarket St., Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:(021) 23 06 05
Fax:(021) 23 06 05
Review:"Unboubtly the busiest sushi bar in South Africa situated in Greenmarket Square offering a wide variety of fresh fish, noodles, yakitori and tempura. A real must when visiting or staying in the mother city."
- Anthea Forlee ( [june 29th 2000]


Sake House Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Name:Sake House Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Address:17 Old Stanhope Road, Claremont, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:(+27) 216747600
Fax:(+27) 216747534
Opened:Noon - 3pm, 6pm-10pm
Reviews:" "
- Tseng ( [Feb 4th 2008]
"Sake House, a somewhat hidden-away, upmarket and trendy restaurant, close to the heart of Claremont. The environment is relaxed and friendly, which does not deter from the distinct ambiance of sophistication offered by the staff. The venue is always tidy, and neatly presented. A smoking section is available towards the backend of the restaurant, separated by what looks like a large 'fish-tank' glass screen. During all of our visits, we hardly ever took much notice of the odd speckled 'smog-hog' or elusive '(smoke)-pipe fish' in this 'aquarium'. This may be due to the fact that most people, regardless of smoking preference, want to enjoy good sushi in a clean environment, that isn't stained by the overpowering odour of nicotine. Sake House offers its patrons an expansive menu of seafood, and other fusion delights. There is certainly a large variety of dishes to choose from. The sushi selection not only comprises of your most common sushi cuisine, but 'boldly goes where no Sushi-Chef has gone before'. Here lies a galactic experience of flavours, aromas and textures. The menu selection is most certainly adventurous and promises to lavish your palette with unique and surprising combinations of very good sushi. Regular patrons, may occasionally be treated to juicy complimentary mini-tuna frikkadels dressed in a sweet and sour sauce or other little treats, while waiting for their starters or mains. Sake House truly shows an appreciation for customer loyalty and friendliness. Lets hope they continue to honour that tradition. I decided to stick to my usual favourite, the Rainbow Nation Platter, while my girlfriend enjoyed her a la carte' selection of salmon roses and caviar nigiri. We were very interested in a new addition to the sushi menu, namely Spider Rolls. Spider Rolls are an American style of sushi consisting of sushi rice wrapped around soft fried crab. When sushi first made its introduction to America, most locals were turned off by the idea of eating raw fish. This gave rise to 'fried' sushi dishes such as the Spider Roll, Boston Roll, Philadelphia Roll, etc. Since then, many variations of these sushi dishes were made and some of them 'crossed-over' from fried to raw. So be sure to ask the waiter what you are getting when ordering these specific sushi items. In our opinion the Spider Rolls tasted great. It provided us with some variety to an already 'raw' variety of sushi cuisine. The Spider Rolls, by design, were somewhat awkward to eat, considering the crab arms were sprouting-wickedly out of the neatly packed sushi rice, but this added to the experience and fun of enjoying a great meal. Critics and sushi connoisseurs may not be as open-minded about enjoying 'fried'" sushi, but hopefully our readers are keeping an open mind. Don't get me wrong, 'raw' sushi is still the best and honours the much-respected tradition and authenticity. The accompanying condiments were more than enough. We had generous servings of wasabi, pickled ginger and strips of carrot and cucumber. A perfect presentation. In terms of price, Sake House offers reasonably-priced, good quality sushi. Our bill, including drinks and a 10% tip amounted to R400. Not too bad especially considering the quality and visionary delights presented by the Sushi-Chefs, however we still felt that around R350 would have been a fair price. Sake House also offers a fair selection of wines, which appears to be the predominant thirst-quencher to compliment your meal. Not necessarily a bad thing, however, we would have liked to see a bit more variety in the cocktails department. On the downside Sake House did not have the light-salt soy sauce that we always prefer. Their salmon roses are also a bit small compared to the exploding-mouthful-roses we have enjoyed at other establishments, such as Minato's and Balduccis Royal Sushi Bar. While most of their sushi dishes are served on porcelain dishes, the Rainbow Nation Platter is presented in what looks like a cheap 'compartmental' military-style serving dish. Not really my style, however after pondering it for a while, I realised that there is method in their 'madness'. By 'dividing' the different types of sushi presented, you subconsciously differentiate the different flavours of each sushi serving. Maybe its just coincidence, but then again we're just crazy about sushi! Parking at Sake House, could at times be an issue, especially during the day, as space is quite limited and there is no designated parking area for patrons. However, after hours there is more than enough parking available. Overall, Sake House Restaurant and Sushi Bar provides its customers a very well orchestrated fusion of traditional sushi dishes with a modern, and arguably rebellious, adventurous twist of exciting and alluring flavours. They serve up brilliant, adventurous sushi bursting with unique flavours and taste. Definitely Claremont's best kept secret. "
- Grant ( [Feb 18th 2008]
Link:Restaurant Website


The Codfather

Name:The Codfather
Address:Cnr Geneva Drive & The Drive, Camps Bay, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:+27 21 43 80 782
Opened:- 11pm
Review:" A fish place which also serves Sushi. Little plates on a Kaiten conveyor belt, but also served to the table on request. Great if your friends want grilled fish rather than Sushi; both is exceptionally good here. The sashimi is one of the freshest I've ever tasted and the nigiri pieces were prepared superbly by the Sushi chef. Inside out makis were also excellent! Combined with the nice atmosphere of this restaurant and the fabulous waiter/waitress team, this makes a fantastic Sushi experience at a reasonable price. Go for it! "
- Olf Stoiber ( [February 11th 2003]


Tokyo CLOSED !

Name:Tokyo CLOSED !
Address:31A Long Street, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Opened:Closed Sunday.
Review:"On the house snack for a starter (changes daily). Dishes incl. fried tofu, age dashi tofu and sushi consisting of local line fish, crumbed beef and rice. 85 seats conventional or tatame liquor licence."



Address:1st floor,Cnr Beach Rd & Surrey Place,Mouille Point, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:(+27) (21) 433-2377
Fax:(+27) (21) 434-5148
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Shop 17, Old Village, Constantia Village Shopping Centre, Constantia, Cape Town/Kapstadt
Phone:(+27) (21) 794-6546
Fax:(+27) (21) 794-0450
Review:" "
Link:Restaurant Website


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