Hello all... Now that I've recovered from an excellent weekend in Philadelphia I figured I'd be the first to chime in here to thank our host Michael Bentele for getting us together for Morimoto's. John & Jessica, I'm sorry you couldn't join us.

Now for my mini review... WOW!!!!! As we all arrived, we were ushered up to a nice little bar on the second floor of Morimoto to wait for our table and enjoy the view over the restaurant. We had a nice discussion with the ?manager? while we were waiting with some good information about Morimoto and the restaurant. Our table was ready... we were brought to a large table, closest to the sushi bar, which gave us a good view of some of the preparations. There were seven of us in the group with most ordering variations of the Omakase and I went for the Chef's Choice Sashimi/Sushi Combo. I'll let the others chime in with there reviews of the Omakase but from my point of view everything I got to taste was wonderful... especially the yummy Kobe Beef.

Probably about a third of the way through the Omakase courses my Combo arrived... WOW!!! Hopefully we'll all see some of the photos that were taken but to describe... two huge servings were placed down in front of me. The first was the Sashimi... a large rectangular almost "basket" with probably a dozen or so different fish along with the freshly grated wasabi root.

From this point on I was pretty quiet except for the occasional groans of pleasure as I ate this wonderful combination of Toro, Hamachi, Kanpachi, Hirame, Aji, Tako, Anago and Tamago... ok looks like I've forgotten a few (haveta look at the picture) but the were all excellent!
Then after I made a clean sweep of that set the second serving was a well prepared plank of sushi and maki. Again wonderfully prepared, if maybe a bit small, servings of some wonderful fish. I think of the two the sashimi was my favorite. The fish was just so good it won me over the sushi. All yummy. Oy and the deserts...

Ok... I think I've typed enough for now. I look forward to seeing the other reviews, particularly a good report from the lunch at the sushi bar on Monday. I hope Michael is enjoying the rest of his vacation and I hope everyone had a safe trip home.

Steve O.