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Cafe Asia (2)

Cafe Asia (2)

Name:Cafe Asia (2)
Address:1550 Wilson Blvd., Arlington/Rosslyn, VA 22209
Phone:(703) 741-0870
Fax:(703) 741-7666
Opened:Lunch, dinner
Reviews:"This is Cafe Asia's newest branch: a large, airy space that opened in December 1999. The emphasis here is not just on sushi (which is almost always fresh and carefully prepared) but also on authentic dishes from all over Asia: ramen (Japan), tom yum soup (Thailand), curry laksa (Malaysia), lo mein (China) and much more. On weekday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 there is a happy hour where much of the nigiri sushi is $1 per piece -- one of the best deals in town. The service is usually excellent, although on occasion the waitstaff sometimes sacrifices friendliness for efficiency. (They also have a location in downtown Washington.) "
- Chris [August 7th 2000]
" The Rosslyn branch of Cafe Asia has become Arlington's hottest restaurant for good reason. Huge space with indoor & outdoor seating, bargain prices & consistent quality. Don't miss the sushi happy hour when most pieces are only $1. "
- Ken [September 28th 2001]
"After having read the two extant posts on this restaurant, I decided to go have a look-see for myself during a recent business trip to the DC area. Cafe Asia is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the big hotels in downtown Rosslyn. Happy Hour is still from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. weekdays, and the dollar-per-piece price is only available with table service. The restaurant is large, open, and airy, and from all appearances a great place to take your date. The sushi bar is small (ten chairs) but the six sushi chefs on duty were busily occupied during my weeknight visit. The starter was the only disappointment of the evening - miso soup was not included as part of the happy hour deal, and upon arrival it tasted incredibly weak. At $3, it was one of the more expensive items I ordered. Things quickly got better, though. The sushi portions were only marginally smaller than what I am accustomed to, but at a dollar a piece, there are really no grounds for too much grousing! I ordered maguro, hamachi, hokkigai, ika, salmon, and unagi (all Happy Hour prices) and all were very good. Uni, not a reduced-price item, was still reasonably priced at $3.50/piece - and quail eggs were only 50 cents extra. The 6-piece Happy Hour inside-out California roll lacked a tobikko coating and sported few sesame seeds - but was still quite tasty. Throw in two imported beers and tax, and my bill came to a touch over $37. I walked away satsified and looking forward to returning at least one more time during my stay. Cafe Asia gets a thumbs-up! "
- David Epstein ( [March 24th 2003]
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