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Tomo Sushi (former Kotobuki) CLOSED ! Endo Sushi Ichiban Sushi
Jendai CLOSED ! Miyagi Tachibana
TJ Sushi Catering

Tomo Sushi (former Kotobuki) CLOSED !

Name: Tomo Sushi (former Kotobuki) CLOSED !
Address:1315 Old Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101
Phone:(703) 356-6200
- Bill Kosar [October 9th 2001]
"Tomo Sushi has replaced Kotobuki, under new management. "
- B. Kosar [Sept. 15th 2003]
"Korean-owned and -operated. Lunchtime sushi buffet. I visited week of October 5th 2003. Unlike other buffets in the area, the buffet featured medium-sized sashimi on top of tiny little rice. The rice was dry and bland. The salmon was excellent. "
- Martin Thurn ( [Oct 10th 2003]


Endo Sushi

Name:Endo Sushi
Address:6828-D Old Dominion Drive, McLean, VA 22101
Phone:(703) 883-2001
Review:" "
- [July 12th 2005]


Ichiban Sushi

Name:Ichiban Sushi
Address:6821A Old Dominion Rd, McLean, VA 22101
Phone:(703) 448-9117
Reviews:"A small, cozy and friendly but inexpensive restaurant. "
- W. Kosar [October 9th 2001]
"Good service, friendly atmosphere and tasty sushi. Apparently, free miso soup with order at the sushi bar. Has lesser known varieties such as Hokkigai, hotategai, uni... "
- Angela Jones [July 4th 2002]
"Low brow, mom and pop sushi place in strip mall. About 12 two place tables with ten seats at small bar. The kitchen is galley style along the bar with the steam table and grill across from the sushi cooler. The place appears to the popular with the local high school set. Sashimi pieces were thickly cut, but, unfortunately, rice layer was not proportionate to meat and made pieces look amateurish. Likewise, the maki, which had plenty of fish but not enough rice. I would pass on this place in favor of Tachibana if I had the choice. "
- James ( [July 19th 2005]
"Friendly and welcoming atmosphere with delicious sushi. They were really accomodating for children who are less adventurous with their selection. I personally thought that the fish was really fresh and a great bargain for the area. Good prices and great food in a cozy friendly environment. "
- Jimmy Lin ( [Aug 21st 2005]
"Ichiban Sushi has a variety of rolls and many combinations. A new roll that they just created called the Utah Roll is by far the best sushi I have ever eaten. With a welcoming atmosphere and great service its your best place to go for Sushi in the Northern Virginia area. Sally [Aug 22n 2005] --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- I think that this is by far the coziest, friendliest and most delicous sushi restauraunt in the McLean area. My favorite roll is the California Roll. "
- The Anonymous Sea Lion [Aug 10th 2006]


Jendai CLOSED !

Name:Jendai CLOSED !
Address:1961 Chain Bridge Rd., #38008-LA, Mclean VA, 22102
Fax:(703) 748-0901
Reviews:"Opened in August 2003. Newly opened Japanese restaurant in Tyson's Corner Mall, close to Hechts. They have their own separate entrance conveniently located right near the parking garage, for easy get-to. They offer an all-u-can-eat lunch buffet with sushi for $12.95 from 11:30am - 2pm. "
- Angela Jones [Sept 26ht 2003]
"It's been replaced by an Indian restaurantas of 4/2005."



Address: 6719 Curran Street, McLean, VA 22101
Phone:(703) 893-0116
Review:"This tiny restaurant is hidden away. The menu is sparse beyond the fabulous sushi. I rate it higher than its better known neighbors. "
- Marcus Farbstein ( [August 26th 2002]



Address:6715 Lowell Ave, McLean, VA 22101
Phone:(703) 847-1771
Reviews:"Tachibana used to be in Arlington and moved to McLean. "
- W. Kosar ( [March 5th 2001]
"The best sushi bar in the metro-DC area! Best Toro available in the area(bluefin!!). "
- Bob Barclay ([September 14th 2001]
"This is by far the best sushi restaurant in the greater Washington DC area, and I've tried quite a few. Their selection is huge; The fish and other undersea treasures are always fresh; The atmosphere is quaint and delightful. I prefer eating at the back bar, which is a secluded Japanese style bar that seats about 8. The back bar is very personal and the two chefs are attentive and observant. The toro at Tachibana is a must-have it is real O-toro and I have even had Sunazuri there once. They also have fresh Tai, Anago, Uni, Iwashi, Aji, Orange Clam, and flounder fin regularly. Tachibana is also the only restaurant in the area (that I know of) that serves Oshi (pressed) sushi either Saba or Unagi. Outside of the realm of sushi, their authentic Japanese menu offers a range of other food for the not-so-brave. Their homemade green tea is very good, as well. If you like sushi, then you have to try this place, but dont forget your wallet. "
- Stephen Willard ( [March 6th 2002]
"We first walked into Tachibana in 1982 when it was located in Arlington, and owner Eiji welcomed us like family. We have since enjoyed his outstanding sushi as often as we can do so, and have been known to drive from our home 20 miles away to go to Tachibana. Why? The food is spectacular, the service (Armando-san!) is first class, and, well, we still feel like family. In the restaurant business, having both great food and great folks is the recipe for permanence and devoted customers / fans / family. "
- Jackson Bain ( [Sept 13th 2005]
"We were disappointed at Tachibana. The fatty tuna (chu-toro) was not fresh. The sushi rice was flavorless. The sushi rolls were unimaginative and boring. The service was outstanding but could not make up for the total lack of atmosphere. I sure hope there are better Sushi restaurants in this area. "
- Ursula Marks ( [July 28th 2006]
"The quality of the sushi here is as good as any I have had anywhere. The freshness of the seafood is what really stands out the most. My wife and I ordered a variety of items la carte and one combination platter. Just to give you some idea of the caliber of this place, the combination platter included uni. No warning was given, nor was one needed. The uni was a rare treat: fresh, sweet, creamy, and delicious. If all uni tasted like that, there would be far fewer people who think they hate it. We did order the toro that everyone else here is raving about. It was very good, although not really any different from any other toro I've had at a good sushi joint. I guess I'm just a white tuna fan. It's half the price of toro (or less), and if you like toro, you'll probably like white tuna even better. The service was fine. I didn't really notice it, and that's an indication that it was good. The atmosphere was also nice. Not super quiet, but not too noisy, either. We were sitting near a table of native Virginians who were apparently trying sushi for the first time. Yes, they liked the uni, even though they had no idea what it was. I applaud their adventurous spirit. I'm glad their first introduction to sushi was of such high excellence, and I hope it hasn't spoiled them for the next place they try. By the way, ignore the price warnings. Tashibana doesn't charge nearly as much as it has a right to. We stuffed ourselves silly with some of the best sushi we've ever had for about $100 for the two of us, including a fine sake. In my book that's a screaming bargain. This level of quality in New York would have cost twice as much. "
- Erik Midtskogen [Feb 1st 2007]


TJ Sushi Catering

Name:TJ Sushi Catering
Address:VA, MD, DC Area
Phone:(571) 225-2700
Review:"TJ Sushi is proud to be the Exclusive Sushi Caterer for 'Five Star' Hotels like RitzCarlton, Hayatt, Double Tree Hotel in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland Area! TJ Sushi takes tremendous pride in utilizing the 'Freshest Fish' and ingredients for our Sushi and Sashimi. Our menu offers many of the traditional and authentic fish that you would only find at select Japanese Restaurants. At TJ Sushi Catering Service, we are dedicated to provide you with one of the best Sushi chefs from VA, MD, DC Area for all of your occasions and events. Our professional team uses only the highest quality fresh food in our beautifully decorated sushi. TJ have been catered many prestigious special events including supplying all the sushi for the 5 Star Hotels like Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Hayatt Hotel, catering for the corpoate nights for The Major DC Firms and working very closely with The MASTERS Golf Tournament and many others. "
- John Chang ( [May 26th 2010]
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