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Chiang House Restaurant CLOSED ! Flaming Wok Hakubai
Sakura Sushi Love Tokyo Rose

Chiang House Restaurant CLOSED !

Name:Sushi Bar and Wine Bar with Hibachi Grill(Teppan-yaki Table)
Address:1240 Seminole Trail ,Charlottesville,VA 22901
Phone:(804) 973-0838
Fax:(804) 973-0881
Opened:Sun-Thu: 11am - 10pm, Fri,Sat: 11am - 11pm
Review:" Has an all you can eat Japanese Lunch Buffet with Chinese food also. 11am to 2:30pm for $5.50--Japanese Bento Box Lunchs from 11am to 3pm from $7.95 and a wonderful Sushi Bar next to the wine bar that has everything but blow fish It is across from the worst Sushi place in America the Flaming Wok. "
- Steve Schneider ( [October 17th 2000]


Flaming Wok

Name:Flaming Wok
Address:1305 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22901
Phone: (802) 974-6555
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 3pm to 10pm, Fri,Sat: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 3pm - 11pm, Sun: Noon - 10pm
Reviews:"This mixed restaurent which has Sushi,Korean and Chinese food has a 5 person Sushi bar which has Sushi & Sashimi. I ordered the Combo Deluxe at $29.95 what I got was the worst sushi and sashimi that I have ever had. This is one of the only places that I would say to any one that follows the Sushi World Guide NEVER TO GO TO. "
- Steve Schneider ( [October 17th 2000]
"I actually love this place. I've gotten sushi all over and found theirs great. I've only had their tuna, salmon, and shrimp tempura roll but those were great! And I love that you can go with people that don't like sushi and still have lots of fun."
- Tamara Whyte ( [Jan 24th 2005]
"This place is excellent for being outside of NYC, San Fransisco or Tokyo. Good variety. Good specials. Japanese sushi makers."
- [Oct 16th 2005]



Name:Hakubai Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Address:1250 Emmet Street, 29 North. Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone:(804) 984-6878,984-6988
Opened: Monday to Thursday 11am to 11pm--Fri, Sat. 11am to 12pm, Sat,Sun: 2:30pm to 10pm
Review:"Having a party in your home or office give them a call--Open since beginning of 1999 this nice find has good food--try the following: Giant Eel Roll $6.50--; Green Dragon Roll $9.95---Christmas Roll(Tuna avocado with a chefs sauce)$5.50 and the wonderfull-U.V.ROLL (smoked salmom-eel-cucumber-avocado(an Hakubai Favorite) at $7.95)--the Deluxe Sashimi was $19.50-we´s-had-good-food-(IT IS THE SOUTH YOU ALL)"
- Steve Schneider ( [June 21st 1999]



Address:14th Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone:(804) 923-0238
Reviews:"Small, multi-level sushi and noodle bar with brass and wood Japanese look right in the heart of Virginia´s Corner bar scene. The atmosphere is not as contemporary and ´cool´ as Charlotteville´s Tokyo Rose, but the food is quite good and a bit less expensive."
- Luke Melia ( [November 8th 1998]
" We visited Charlottesville and checked out Sakura. It was a cute little place. We got teriyaki salmon lunchbox, udon soup, and soup with tempura. Everything was sweeter than it should be - the salmon, the tempura soup was very sweet, even the salad dressing. The udon soup was bland - using bonito flakes would have made it much tastier. All in all, we were grateful to have some Japanese food in the middle of VA. "
- Lisa Noer ( [August 22nd 2000]


Sushi Love

Name:Sushi Love
Address:12 Elliewood Ave Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone:(434) 202-0187
Fax:(434) 202-0196
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am - 2pm, 5pm-2am, Sat: 5pm-2am, Sun: 5pm-10pm
Review:" "
- Daniel ( [Jan 18th 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website


Tokyo Rose

Name:Tokyo Rose
Address:2125 Ivy Road #13, University Shopping Center, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone:(804) 296-3366
Reviews:"Really great sushi in a cool atmosphere. The atmosphere is ´hip´ - all black with an indi rock club in the basement. Although, there is a scene there, the sushi is the best in Central Virginia."
- Mark Kitchell ( [January 16th 1998]
"Best Sushi in Charlotteville. Dark, strange place, but definitely the best in the city. "
- Walter ( [February 13th 2003]


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