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Masami Sushi Loco Sushi Sake


Name:Masami Japanese Sushi & Cuisine
Address:501 W. Belt Line Rd., Suite 116, Richardson, TX 75080
Phone:(972) 783-6800
Opened:11-2, 5.30 - 10
Review:"Masami Restaurant has been here in Richardson Texas for more than ten years now but in 2007, Masami has a new owner, Ryo(Re-oh)! He is known for making the best sushi in town. He has been a sushi chef for more than 30 years and he is considered as one of the most popular sushi chefs in the DFW area!! Many Japanese customers come here to eat. from: "
- Kemp Fuller ( [Apr 27th 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Loco

Name:Sushi Loco
Address:1310 W. Campbell Road, Ste 114, Richardson, TX
Phone:(972) 234-2951
Review:"Best sushi in Richardson and Dallas area! Very fresh fish--the super white tuna is buttery and melts in your mouth! Creative rolls and generous servings. Full Japanese menu availble, but they also have a small Chinese menu if your companion is not into sushi. The best thing to do is sit at the bar and ask the chef to make up a roll on the spot--you won't be disappointed! Open, modern, warm anbience. "
- Daniel L. ( [Jan 17th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Sake

Name:Sushi Sake
Address:220 Campbell Rd., Richardson, TX 95080
Phone:(972) 470-0722
Reviews:"Former head of Nakamoto (Plano, Texas) - Takashi Soda - started this excellent place. Hard to find on the North West Corner of Campbell and Central Express Way. Decor is traditional Japanese simplicity with a touch of trendy style. Sushi and Sashimi are excellent, no real entrees. Likely to be a full house."
- Kemp Fuller ( [August 30th 1997]
"Service seems to be very slow especially when they are busy, which seems to be every time I have walked in the door. Limited seating makes for a long initial wait as well."
- John Haynes ( [January 22nd 1999]
"I'm still eating there about twice a month. Wow, can't believe its been 3 years since my first review. Service can still be slow and there is often a wait at the door. Entree selection has improved, though most of the good stuff is in Japanese. Much of the client base is of Asian decent. Quality is still the best in the Dallas area. A place for quality food. Unlike some of the other places to 'be seen' Dallas. :-) "
- Kemp Fuller ( [December 11th 2000]
"Amazing! The atmosphere is like walking into a candle-lit bedroom. I've been to the bar three times and sat 2 times. Loved both, the bar is the best since you get to actually experience the Sushi Masters at work, They're some of the best trained in Dallas. Fresh, delicious, salmon melts in your mouth, you can't beat it. BEST RAINBOW roll in the world! I say it's $-$$ very very good! Reserve your seats because it's packed! You'll love it here, I promise you. "
- Ngoc Trinh ( [June 3rd 2001]
"Excellent sushi, very fresh and all of the sushi chefs are very well trained in preparing great tasting sushi, which is additionally visually appealing. For the adventuresome tell the chef 'to surprise me' and you will not be disappointed. Five stars out of five. [June 18th 2001] Still the best place in Dallas for Sushi and Japanese cuisine. Still eating there 3-4 times a month. Still gets really busy on the weekends and you'll have a long wait. For the best service go early. Kemp Fuller ( [May 16th 2005] ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- -------------- This place used to be good, but now it's horrible. Sushi is just plain ok but I've had much better. The service is slow and the waitstaff never smiles. The worst part is the manager/hostess -- she has several 'rules' about seating and will make you wait for ridiculous reasons (like one of our group went outside to get something from the car, and she wouldn't seat us until she got back). One time we were seated and had ordered, and then after 5-10 minutes the manager ran up and yelled at us and the waitress saying that other people were waiting before us (there were two groups of 4 people, with only two seats available, so she wanted to wait until two more seats were available for them, and then another group of 4 chairs were open, and THEN seat us). This would have been ok, if we hadn't already been seated and ordered 10 minutes ago!! Just plain ridiculous. I was with an older relative who was so offended by the manager's rude tone of voice that he jus! t left, and when I tried to ask for the owner's name, she gave me attitude and said she was in charge. After the waitstaff was already rude and the sushi was declining, that was just the last straw. If you are in the area and want some sushi, I recommend Sushi Loco on the NE corner of Coit and Campbell. Good sushi, great friendly service, and even less expensive. V. Hashimoto ( [June 28th 2005] --------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- Very Long wait, although the sushi is one of the freshest in town. the appetizers are good but the chicken yakitori was the smallest portion I've ever seen. The booths are somewhat odd, because you're sharing it with other people. Not a big selection of sushi and rolls. lola4bella@ [Dec 5th 2005] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not a big sushi eater, but I'm quickly becoming one ever since I first started going to Sushi Sake. I have lunch there about 3 times a month and love the Lunch special (teriyaki chicken, salad, tempura, and miso soup). I also enjoy the Louisiana roll which is perfectly spicy. I highly recommend this place! And yes, it gets full as it is a small place. I found it worth the wait. "
- M Garcia ( [May 11th 2006]


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