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Hana Kiku Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
Kotobuki Little Tokyo Miyako
Nakama New Sambok Sushi Sapporo
Sushi Kim Sushi Tomo Sushi Too
Sushi Two Tokyo Japanese Steak House Umi


Address:1 Graeme St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone:(412) 471-9988
- (



Address:6 Commerce Ct., (Station Square) Pittsburgh, PA
Phone:(412) 765-3200
Fax:(412) 765-3219
Opened:Mon: 5pm-10pm, Tue-Thu: 11.30am - 10pm, Fri,Sat: 12pm - 11pm, Sun: 12pm - 10.00pm
Review:"This is the only authentic Japanese sushi-bar in Pittsburgh. Owned and operated by Japanese natives with true experience (licensed) in Japanese cuisine. This is the only place in Pittsburgh to purchase fresh (I mean as fresh as it could come) fish from New York or California via airmail at least twice a week. We have seen many so-called ´sushi-bars´ pop-up in Pittsburgh in recent years but if you are looking for the absolute best in quality don´t even bother looking for anywhere else in town. By the way, this place isn´t cheap, but think about how much money these guys spend on shipping to get these fresh fish.... you know the deal, you get what you pay for in this world and this is the best sushi you could buy for any amount ! As hard core sushi freak myself (with some experience in culinary art) this is one of the best sushi-bars I´ve ever been to. (This place is right up with those in Japan!). Be sure to check this place out. You will have my guarantee... and say hi! to Gen-san, Uchan and Taku-san when you go!"
- Ike ´the Uni´ Kameoka ( [May 25th 1998]
Link:Restaurant Website


Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Name:Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
Address:Rodi Road, Pittsburgh, PA
Review:"Opened in Spring 2003.For a town not known for anything more refined than cold beer and perogie's, this sushi restaurant combines the best of 'food art culture' with blue collar prices and portions. Known for its all-you-can-eat buffet, not only is the sushi unusualy fresh and well prepared, the chefs allow you to choose your individual order each time. You won't find any of the frills and gala of fine dining, but you will find excellent sushi, a huge selection of options and unique rolls, and the absolutely best prices I have ever seen. "
- Kyle Walters ( [April 16th 2004]



Address:9801 Old Babcock Blvd. ,Allison Park,Pittsburgh (North Park area),PA
Phone:(412) 369-7885
Review:" This was the first place I ever ate sushi (less than a year ago), and I had such a good experience, that I have become quite an addict since then! It'll always be the best sushi in my mind. "
- Michelena Nardozi ( [February 29th 2002]


Little Tokyo

Name:Little Tokyo
Address:636 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone:(412) 344-4366
Review:"Only sushi bar in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Good sushi, but the tempura was disappointing."
- Ron Oda ( [November 2nd 1998]



Address:10636 Perry Highway, (Wexford), Pittsburgh, PA
Phone:(724) 933-7253
Opened:Mon-Thu: 5pm-9.30pm, Fri: 5pm-10.30pm, Sat: 4pm-9.30pm, Sun: 1pm-4pm, 4pm-9pm
Review:"Great Hibachi restaurant with sushi available."
- ( [August 22nd 1998]



Name:Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
Address:1611 E Carson Street,Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone:(412) 381-6000
Fax:(412) 381-6643
Review:"Voted Best Sushi in Pittsburgh City Search 2004. "
- Kathy Makepeace ( (August 27th 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website


New Sambok Sushi

Name:New Sambok Sushi
Address:1737 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Phone:(412) 281-1118
Fax:(724) 453-0875
Opened:Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-7:00pm, Closed Sunday and Monday
Review:"In spite of its Korean namesake, New Sambok sushi is easily the most authentic and best sushi in all of Pittsburgh. Upon entering the New Sambok Asian market, turn to your left and a smiling figure will welcome you as he readies his previous order. The affable chef, Fumio "Yasu" Yasuzawa is not only a great guy, but also a Japanese Tokyo-trained sushi chef with over thirty years of experience in Tokyo, New York City, and New Jersey. The exceptional quality of his product easily earns him the title of ?Best Sushi in the ?Burgh,? but what makes Yasu's sushi even better is that it's reasonably priced -- a "regular" set includes six pieces of nigiri-zushi as well as a six-piece maki roll -- all for only six bucks! It?s an even better deal with the larger sized platters that are great for parties and moments of binge-sushi-eating. My personal favorite is to just let him work his magic with the best catch of the day and his imagination. I love his sushi so much that I?! m making him a web page for free, just so other people know about him, how he feels about sushi, and what it takes to truly appreciate his art. If you don?t think Yasu is God?s gift to sushi in Pittsburgh yet, that may be because I haven?t told you that he also caters. Yasu will come with his own sushi bar to wherever you need him and work his art in front of your guests and friends. (Talk about winning brownie points with your boss, company, or buddies.) And I just recently found out that he even takes special orders for more than just sushi; Yasu can make any kind of Japanese dish that you could desire! Just recently, he catered bento for the visiting Kodo taiko drummers of Sado Island near Niigata. They were unbelievable! (Both the bento and the drummers.) Anyway, I?ve ranted enough about him for one review, but don?t take my word for it. Come down to the Strip right near Wholey?s fish market and across from the big Pittsburgh fan supply place and feast away in his intimate little shop or order take-out and share with the family. Oh, and tell him Pete says ?hi.? Maybe he?ll make you something special ... :) "
- Peter Kant [August 7th 2000]



Name:Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse
Address:4260 Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9645
Phone:(412) 920-2988
Review:"Sushi bar small, but their portions of fish on sushi is very generous. Good sushi."
- Ron Oda ( [October 30th 1998]


Sushi Kim

Name:Sushi Kim
Address:1241 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
Phone:(412) 281-9956
Review:"Awesome and affordable."
- Steve Jellison ( [November 19th 1997]


Sushi Tomo

Name:Sushi Tomo
Address:4812 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237-3406
Phone:(412) 630-8666
Reviews:"I'm writing to update the situation here in Pittsburgh. There's a new sheriff in town and he's behind the bar at Sushi Tomo. I have never had fresher fish ANYWHERE else. They consistently have the butteriest, most tender and delicious tuna (including albacore - divine!)and salmon, and the octopus is outstanding. Any sushi meal at a different restaurant is always a slight disappointment now that I have discovered Sushi Tomo. Their service is lovely - very friendly and attentive, and quick, even on Fridays during Lent (they're packed!). The owners are extremely gracious. They have a nice selection of wines, beers and spirits at the bar, and a bustling atmosphere. I previously wrote in commending Koto Buki (before I was married), and they will always have a place in my heart, but from now on Sushi Tomo owns my taste buds! "
- Michelena Wolf ( [March 20th 2005]
"Have been going to this restaurant since it opened. The owners take great pride in the freshness of the fish and have many regulars. Great find! "
- Conrad Bessemer [April 7th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi Too

Name:Sushi Too
Address:5432 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone:(412) 68-SUSHI
Opened:Mon-Sat: 11:30am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm, Sun: 4pm - 9pm
- (


Sushi Two

Name:Sushi Two
Address:2122 East Carson Street, Southside, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone:(412) 431-7874
Fax:(412) 431-7864
Opened:Mon-Thu: 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm, Fri: 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm -11pm, Sat: 11.30am - 11pm, Sun: 1pm - 9.30pm
Review:"Karaoke: Friday 10.30pm - 1.30am, DJ Mahan´s Music Express."
- Timothy C. Hoffman ( [October 26th 1998]


Tokyo Japanese Steak House

Name:Tokyo Japanese Steak House
Address:4305 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Phone:(412) 687-2222
Opened:Mon-Thu:11.30 am-10 pm,Fri-Sat: 11.30am-10.30pm
Review:"Very good food. Monday Tuesday Wednesday $1 Nigiri. Everyday all you can eat $26. "
- David ( [Apr 22nd 20089



Address:5849 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh,PA
Phone:(412) 362-6198
Opened:Tue-Thu: 5pm - 10pm, Fri-Sat: 5pm - 11pm
Review:" "
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:1501 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Phone:1-(800) 248-0568
Reviews:"Right inside the front door of Wholey´s market in the Strip stands a sushi bar. It is fantastic. Being in Wholeys, all of the selections are incredibly fresh. The prices are also very reasonable, especially on the later combination platters. The sushi for 4 platter runs about $40 and has enough sushi and sashimi to feed at least 6."
- Tom Isabell (
"This little sushi bar is great. It's in the Wholey's fish market (an active retail fish market), so get it for take out or in the upstairs dining room. It is great quality sushi and an excellent value, however, don't go for a typical sushi bar experience. "
- Dan [Sept 26th 2003]
Link:Restaurant Website


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