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California Rollin´ Edoya Plum Garden
Plumhouse Shiki Tokyo Japanese

California Rollin´

Name:California Rollin´ Sushi Bar
Address:274 North Goodman Street (Village Gate), Rochester, NY, 14607
Phone:(585) 271-8990
Opened:Mon: 5pm-10pm, Tue, Wed & Thu: 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm-10pm,Fri: 11.30am3pm,5pm-11pm,Sat: 1pm - 11pm, Sun: 1pm - 9pm
Reviews:"Amazing Sushi, very innovative, unlike any other sushi bar I have ever been to, cutting edge. Very highly recommended. "
- Barry J. Napier ( [July 14th 1997]
"Honorable Sushi Chef Tom Kasai Beaman is the owner and operator of a fabulous Sushi Bar offering ´The Most Delicious Fishes´. The relaxing atmosphere Tom and his associates have created includes masterfully painted murals depicting the tranquil beauty of aquatic scenery, tropical aquariums hosting a bevy of oceanic life, and a spacious restaurant featuring a large well stocked sushi bar abundant with the delectable taste sensations which enable Tom to perform his Rollin magic. If you are ever in Rochester, New York do not hesitate to visit Tom and his capable associates at California Rollin? located in the Village Gate and let them stimulate your taste centers through a delicious California Rollin sushi feast."
- Michael A. Gatto (Michael _Gatto@Mc.Xerox.Com) [July 14th 1998]
"Simply the finest sushi in the Western New York region. A must visit when in Rochester. The hardest part of taking a new job in NJ was giving up my daily visits. I look forward to flying into Rochester, Tom´s establishment will be my first stop."
- Greg Woods
"Very fresh Nigiri and Crative Maki Rolls. The Wednesday night all you can eat for $20 is a great value!"
- F Zimmer (
"Excellent traditional and exciting innovative sushi! Monday's feature FEMALE SUSHI CHEFS EXCLUSIVLY!!! "
- Diane Terranova ( [Oct 27th 2002]
"The food's decent, but I can't give it the kind of rave reviews that other have. The night I was there, service was extremely slow (as in, we asked for another 5 minutes to look at the menu, and the waitresses gave us 20; eventually WE took our order to the chef), they were uninformed as to what was available (I didn't find out until our order came that they were out of ama-ebi), and the hamachi (yellowtail) used on my nigiri actually tasted a little bit fishy. The derth of traditional appetizers (where is the edamame?), absence of actual Japanese desserts (no red bean ice cream or moshi), and relatively high prices coupled with the service issues made my trip there a disappointment, despite the amazingly large and innovative menu. I may go back to the restaurant, but only because they offer some enticing specials like $1 nigiri night, and 3 maki rolls for $12 night which would make getting my sushi fix a little cheaper."
- Annie Heckel ( [Sept 22nd 2004]
"I had a friend take me here, and I would not recommend ever eating at this sushi bar. And I use Sushi bar loosely. The service was extremely slow. As we were waiting for our order, the chef brought out a stream cooker full of hot rice and immediately start to prepare orders of sushi using the steaming hot rice. Did I say sushi or seared tuna. I agree with Annie and Bruce. "
- Matt Riedinger [Jan 16th 2007]
"Ok but not great. As already mentioned, the service is slow (waited over 30 minutes after placing order). Also, they used hot rice, making the sushi a bit too warm. "
- Rob [June 21st 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:2131 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624
Phone:(585) 247-4866
Reviews:"Small, friendly, excellent! "
- John Sercu ( [Jan 21st 2004]
"This is the best sushi restaurant in Rochester, hands down. It's small and a little out of the way if you live or are staying in the city, but definitely worth the extra 10 minute drive. Service is fast, the miso is cheap, and the sushi is incredibly fresh (never fishy unless it should be) and flavorful (the tuna nigiri especially!). It's never taken longer than 15 minutes for dinner to arrive, and the single server manages to deal with the entire restaurant without forgetting anyone or making anyone wait. Their selection of maki is a combination between more Westernized and more traditional, but I have not yet tried one that I didn't like. In addition to a good selection of nigiri and maki, Edoya also offers a full selection of (pretty inexpensive appetizers, including miso, kaki fry, seaweed salad, and, most importantly, edamame. They also have desserts such as mochi and red bean and green tea ice cream. I would definitely recommend Edoya over any other Rochester sushi restaurant, and it makes a great pre-movie dinner if you're going to Cinemark Tinseltown. "
- Annie Heckel ( [Sept 22nd 2004]
"We visited Edoya on a Saturday night, it was very quiet. The service was fast and attentive, the appetizers were good, but the sushi was disappointing, freshness and quailty were not up to our standards, we feel there are better choices but do keep in mind this was one visit only. "
- Bruce [July 12th 2005]


Plum Garden

Name:Plum Garden Japanese Restaurant
Address:3349 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Phone:(716) 381-8730
Fax:(716) 381-5237
- Laura Kline ( [February 22nd 1999]
"Plum Garden has GREAT food and the hibachi scene is terrific! The cooks at the table are very entertaining. Also I must add that sometime before the summer or 2003, they're doing remodeling, and it will be twice as large. full bar, full sushi bar, 15+ hibachi tables, good size dining. reservations please! "
- Jessy ( [April 15th 2003]



Name:Plumhouse Japanese Restaurant
Address:686 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Phone:(716) 442-0778
- Laura Kline ( [February 22nd 1999]



Address:1054 South Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY
Phone:(585) 271-2090
Reviews:"Opened in 2004. Shiki is one of the newer Japanese restaurants in Rochester, it is located in the South Wedge neighborhood. We have been there numerous times and it never disappoints. They offer fresh sushi and also a traditional Japanese menu. Everything we have tried has been top notch. I visited with several business associates from Japan who gave it very high marks 'just like home' they said. It's small so be prepared to wait a bit on busy nites, the service is friendly and efficient. Highly recommended. "
- Bruce [May 1st 2005]
"I found Shiki when I was going to graduate school at U of Roch. The Japanese students told me that a new sushi restaurant had opened that was much better than any others in the area. (This was in 2004). Since then I've been many times and have enjoyed their very fresh sushi. I've been to all but one of the others also listed and find Shiki to be the freshest and most authentic in the area. "
- Christine, Rochester (Oct 24th 2006]
"Shiki tops other restaurants in Rochester, NY. It would be more well known if it had a better location. Eventhough its not easily seen unless you know where it is, it's a treat for those who know where it is and tastes Shiki's sushi. The fish they used on are the freshest above other sushi I've tried. I hope they keep up the quality. I would recommend this place for anyone want to eat good sushi. "
- Lex ( [Dec 11th 2006]
"Shiki is probably my favorite sushi restaurant now, as it's actually in the city and therefore closer than Edoya. Aside from having wonderful, fresh, delicious sushi, they also have excellent saki and a wide array of Japanese appetizers and entrees. Just be careful about the time you go, or call ahead for a table. The restaurant is quite small, and parties larger than four may have trouble getting seated at peak dining times. "
- Annie Heckel ( [March 5th 2007]
"I really like the place and think that this is the best sushi restaurant in Rochester, NY. The only thing is that the wait can be quite long especially during busy hours. I've waited up to an hour for the food. "
- Audrey [Mar 20th 1009]


Tokyo Japanese

Name:Tokyo Japanese
Address:2930 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623
Phone:(716) 424-4166
Reviews:"I mainly frequent Tokyo Japanese and the Plumhouse, while all three (Plum Garden, Plum House and Tokyo Japanese ) are within 10 to 15 min. of each other. I would have to say Tokyo Japanese is my favorite because of the thursday lunch special of ***** combination for $ 5.25. Only five pieces of nigiri ***** and six pieces of rolls, soup and salad, but I get a double and it is a bargain!"
- Laura Kline ( [February 22nd 1999]
"Great ***** bar and large seating area. "
- Chris ( [Jan 22nd 2004]
"I have eaten here many times. The food and service are superb, and the aren't fazed by my kids. They even give a small toy to well behaved kids from time to time. My favorite place for miso soup, and the steamed rice isn't lacking. "
- Angela ( [Oct 10th 2004]
"Our favorite hibachi restaurant in the area. Staff is always a delight. Service is excellent, food is superb, whether you go for hibachi, sushi, or traditional dishes like sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, or tempura. "
- Al Benjamin ( [June 4th 2005]


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