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Commack, USA/New York.

Kurofune Nisen Sushi


Address:77 Commack Rd, Commack, NY 11725
Phone:(631) 499-1075
Opened:Noon - 11pm (?)
Review:"Shiro, Owner and head chef is pleasant and polite.Food and service are excellent. Some innovative delicious dishes. "
- Norman Ament ( [August 16th 2002]


Nisen Sushi

Name:Nisen Sushi
Address:5032 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY
Phone:(631) 462-1000
Reviews:"When I eat sushi, I look for two things in the food itself: taste and texture. I've always found the thing that separates the best sushi restaurants from the others is that the food not only tastes good but almost melts in your mouth. Nisen sushi has excellent texture, soft seaweed, and smooth sashimi, but the taste generally left much to be desired. The toro was not overly flavorful and way too large a piece. The spicy tuna roll had a somewhat strange flavor to it, and the eel/avocado roll was so saturated with sauce that I couldn't taste anything else. Furthermore, I always enjoy sitting at the bar at sushi restaurants. I enjoy watching the sushi being made, as well as asking the chef any questions I might have. At Nisen the bar is positioned so that you can't see the chefs work at all. Upon sitting down I didn't even get a greeting from the chefs, something that I found very displeasing. Overall it was a disappointing experience. "
- Josh T ( [June 16th 2004]
"Nisen Sushi is an excellent restaurant! I enjoyed every morsel of food I encountered. Their 'Fantastic Roll' is truly amazing. All their fish was fresh, tender, and delicious. Furthermore, their waitstaff is extremely attentive to customer needs. I use to think 'The Bonburri' of Huntington Village was the best Sushi Restaurant on Long Island, but my experience at this restaurant has changed my opinion. "
- Jennifer Palese ( 8Sept 22nd 2004]
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