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Address:37 Crescent Blvd. (Route 130), Collingswood, NJ
Phone:(856) 854-9773
Reviews:"Sagami is the BEST sushi I have ever had, and it is one of many places Iīve tried. Itīs definitely the best in the Philadelphia and DC areas."
- Hillary Gorman ( [July 6th 1997]
"Eight friends had dinner there last Sat. nite. The food was wonderful--tempura very light and delicious, sashimi very fresh and tender. The place was still packed at 9pm when we were seated. Excellent restaurant."
- Lynne Poag
"In my opinion the best Japanese/Sushi restaurant in the USA. Freshest food, highest quality sushi, and best menu in the world. "
- Nick Reveliotty ( [June 7th 2001]
"The freshest fish, great service, friendly staff. Sit at the small sushi bar and always remember to bring your own beer and saki!! Sharing some saki or beer with the sushi chef guarantees more attention!! "
- Bob Barclay ( [March 26th 2002]
"I haven't yet eaten there, but actually, my husband and I had planned to dine at Sagami yesterday on our way home from the Jersey shore, but were on the opposite side of the highway and couldn't find the place to make a u-turn in a super rainstorm so we gave up and tried Genji on 17th and Sansom in Philly. When we go to Sagami we'll be driving South on 130 and will be on the right side of the road and then we'll ask them how to get there when we're driving North on 130, and I'd suggest others do the same. BTW, I just found the SWG site and as an avid lover of sushi, I'm thrilled. "
- Denise Gluck, Philadelphia ( [Juy 18th 2005]


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