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Nami Sushi Bar

Nami Sushi Bar

Name:Nami Sushi Bar
Address:201 West Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone:(248) 524-6458
Reviews:"Excellent sushi, creative presentation, great prices, casuak atmosphere."
- Jennifer Knightstep
"Interesting sushi combinations, such as the 'Dr. Love Roll' including lots of mayo and other untraditional rolls. Not that it matters, but all the sushi chefs and servers are decidedly not Japanese, but instead scraggly haired hippy-type Caucasian men in their 20s. This is a good place to ease beginners into the world of sushi, as their list of 'cooked fish rolls' far exceeds the nigiri or 'raw fish rolls' list. If you are looking for authenticity, your best bet would be Noble Fish in Clawson, just 10 minutes down the road. "
- [March 26th 2002]
"The owner occassionally gets very nice Hamachi, listed on the specials board as 'Fatty Yellowtail'. I have found it to be the best Hamachi I've had in the area. "
- Stephen O'Keefe [May 19th 2004]


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