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Duan Tawang Restaurant Fuji Hello Sushi
Ichiban Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar Kamado´s Koto
Tsunami Sushi Wahada Waka House

Duan Tawang Restaurant

Name:Duan Tawang Restaurant
Address:4810 South Sherwood Forest Blvd., Baton Rouge,LA
Review:"It's a new Thai and Japanese restaurant. A very good place to dine in with many unique thai dishes (some of them are home-cooking). They also serve japanese food. It's a small restaurant but the service and the food are excellent. It is worth to try this new place. "
- Andy ( [Oct 9th 20079

Baton Rouge


Address:4611 South Sherwood Forest Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA
Phone:(225) 296-0772
Fax:(225) 293-6946
Reviews:"Great place, nice atmosphere. "
- Nick Roberts [March 8th 2004]
"Fuji is by far the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Baton Rouge. Although it is also owned by Asian's that are not Japanese, they have tried to emulate the Japanese sushi bar's as much as possible. I lived all over Japan for 17 years and their sushi is so far the best I've tasted in the south. "
- Janet Simmons ( [April 16th 2004]
"I've eaten sushi from all over the country, and this is probably the worst I've ever eaten; one step above the sushi you'd find on a Chinese buffet. "
- Sean F. ( [August 2nd 2004]
"It was ok. The food was fine. It wasn't wonderful. It wasn't horrible. I don't believe any of the reviews on this page. I doubt any of you have had sushi. Rolls aren't sushi. Especially with the mayo'. May as well eat a nasty po' boy. By the way, it would be great if southerners could spell. "
- Brutus [Nov 21st 2005]
"Brutus is obviously a complete idiot and has probably never even eaten at Fuji (of course being a northerner he wouldn't know good food if it hit him in the face). The sushi and sashimi at Fuji is some of the best around. It has a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. The only downside is the service. It leaves much to be desired. I wish they would do something about this problem because I really like the place. "
- Jimmy [Dec 5th 2005]

Baton Rouge

Hello Sushi

Name:Hello Sushi
Address:3930 Burbank Drive, Ste. A&B, Baton Rouge, LA
Phone:(225) 768-8808
Review:"Opened in 2004.Very hip and sleek atmosphere. Delicious and interesting appetizers and rolls. Fun names, like the 'Rock N Roll'. Tempura shrimp, snow crab, smelt roe, cucumber, avocado wrapped in soy paper. Topped with eel sauce. I went with 2 friends. We had 4 or 5 rolls and enjoyed them all. "
- Brandy ( [August 23rd 2004]
Link:Restaurant Website

Baton Rouge

Ichiban Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar

Name:Ichiban Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar
Address:5741 Essen Ln., Baton Rouge,LA
Phone:(225) 767-2288
Reviews:"This place is great. I love the food and the atmosphere. "
- J. Lee [Sept. 23rd 2003]
"I love this place, they are by far the best in Baton Rouge. There Ichiban roll is the greatest roll I've ever eaten. "
- Arron Landry ( [Sept 25th 2003]
"The worst Japanese food I ever had. Special Eel Roll was only special in the fact that the eel was almost nonexistant. Tempura udon had 3 over-cooked and small tempura shrimp, no tempura vegetables, and a few meager raw vegetables (that had black spots on them) floating in a weak soup with noodles. Green tea had lemon in it (which I didn't ask for) and cheap chopsticks (full of splinters). $16.44 "
- Doug W. ( [Feb 14th 2005]
"Absolutely love it. The staff is warm and the sushi is the best in BR. Tempura rolls! Sushi Box!!! Try the tiger rolls too. Geaux Tigers! : "
- rush ( [March 26th 2006]
"Ichiban has the best sushi in Baton Rouge. I have eaten at all of the other restaurants and I believe it surpasses them all. Fuji would then follow - their sushi is great as well. "
- Amanda (Sep 12th 2006]

Baton Rouge


Address:4612 Bennington Ave., Baton Rouge, LA
Phone:(225) 928-3888
Reviews:"Sushi Happy Hour 7 Days a Week "
- Beau Mixon
"I've tried every place in town and the only place that I can rely on for fresh fish and first rate quality is Kamado's. The Pink Lady Roll is the best in town! "
- Cynthia Swanson ( [May 13th 2004]
"I've tried a few of the other sushi restaurants in town. As far as my family is concerned, Kamado's is THE sushi restaurant. I have eaten there dozens of times both in the restaurant and to-go orders and I've never been disappointed in the taste or quality of the sushi or sashimi. "
- Cynthia B. ( [May 8th 2008]
"Kamado's is my favorite sushi Restaurant in Baton Rouge and I've never been disappointed. If ever you feel you can splurge 20 bucks, I highly recommend their sashimi platter with it's variety of the best. "
- Bennet G. ( [june 16th 2008]

Baton Rouge


Address:3023 College Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Phone:(225) 924-1980
Fax:(225) 925-8530
Reviews:"One of the only places in Baton Rouge to get sushi. Although the south is known for it´s seafood, Baton Rouge is lacking sushi and sashimi selections. Koto´s carries a wide variety of oriental foods and has a sushi bar that I would say rivals Shogun in New Orleans. "
- Jeff Brady ( [August 24th 1999]
"Koto of Japan now is under new ownership, please come and check it out. There is a brand new hibachi grill, and very unique sushi. "
- Derek,Chang ( [May 3rd 2005]
"Koto has the best crunchy rolls ever!! I don't know what it is- but I can't find a crunch roll anywhere else that is half as good! "
- Crystal [Nov 13th 2006]
"I have been to all the sushi restaurants in Baton Rouge and this is by far my favorite place. The baked salmon appetizer and the gold point are among some of my favorites. Derek the owner always knows who we are and there to greet us when we sit down. If that isn't service I dont know what is! "
- Ashley ( [Feb 9th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website

Baton Rouge

Tsunami Sushi

Name:Tsunami Sushi
Address:100 Lafayette St (6th Fl), Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Phone:(225) 346-5100
Reviews:"A very stylish restaurant, set high above the Mississippi River, where attractive people come to see and be seen. They frankly aren't there for the sushi; unfortunately, the management shares their indifference. The quality of the fish is just passable, and the selection is unsurprising. (The first evening I was there, they were 'out of' hamachi, which is kind of like McDonald's being 'out of' fries.) Presentation can be good, but it can't really conceal how dull the product is. The sake list is small and overpriced. I went back a second time just to be certain that the first trip wasn't an off night. It wasn't. I hate to bad-mouth any sushi restaurant, but Tsunami was a genuine disappointment. "
- Patrick Otte ( [April 17th 2007]
"I agree. The atmosphere is great but the sushi is barely average and the service is terrible. Anyone that says different is only following the trend and knows nothing about sushi. "
- Ellen J. ( [Oct 11th 2007]

Baton Rouge


Address:5201 Nicholson Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70820
Phone:(225) 767-1880
Review:"I've tried every sushi restaurant in Baton Rouge over the past three years, and Wahada's is the only one that consistently delivers good quality sushi. Sit at the sushi bar and let owner and itamae Jerry serve you whatever he likes -- you won't be disappointed. Wahada's also features the best selection of sake in town. "
- Patrick Otte ( [Feb 24th 2007]

Baton Rouge

Waka House

Name:Waka House
Address:4625 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd.,Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone:(225) 293-4077
Fax:(225) 293-4076
Review:"Opened in June 2006, they serve excellent Sashimi and Sushi as well as a variety of traditional and original dishes, all presented with artistic flair. The owner is very congenial and intent upon satisfying his customers. He is constantly varying the menu according to customer feedback and will do all possible to accomodate special dietary needs. As is mentioned on the website, the menu is constantly changing, sometimes on a daily basis. The decor leans towards a modern Japanese atmosphere and you will not feel at all rushed. A beverage license is in the offing. "
- Robert Hathaway (
Link:Restaurant Website

Baton Rouge

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