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Tokyo Joe's Steakhouse

Tokyo Joe's Steakhouse

Name:Tokyo Joe's Steakhouse
Address:704 Mall Blvd., Brunswick, GA
Phone:(912) 554-0073
Reviews:"Well, if the name doesn't already say it all, let me fill in the rest. Tokyo Joe's is probably run by some guy named Joe. Maybe his nickname is Tokyo Joe, but, even though he runs a restaurant, I don't see the connection. If you make a big barbeque southern steak on a hibachi, it's not Japanese. If you make a California roll with Uncle Ben's, it's not Japanese. I'm also fairly sure the color of fresh tuna is red, and the color of salmon isn't a pastel. We asked to sit at the sushi bar, so they sat us next to the bar. Or rather, in view of the bar, next to the kitchen door. I hope the sushi was bought, and brought to the restaurant, for I shiver to think I may have consumed anything born therein. If you like to drink, I'm fairly sure the bar is adequate. The food at this restaurant was not bad per se, it was just not sushi as it should be, and it certainly had nothing to do with Tokyo. Unless Tokyo is a city in Tennessee. "
- Steve Schneider ( [August 15th 2000]
"I live about an hour and a half away from Brunswick. I have to admit one of my high lights of going to Brunswick is Tokyo Joes. I am not a sushi eater so I dont care. Tokyo Joes is not really a Japanese Restraunt but where is there one in the US. Tokyo Joes is the closest I have seen in the US. I have been to Japan and I have eaten at Japanese restaurants and I loved them. Tokyo Joes is the best one over here I have been to. And to the other guy that left a message on here go to Japan if you want sushi. Tokyo Joes is not known for there sushi but for there amazing good time and great food. The service is amazing also. Tokyo Joe's is an amazing place for the whole family, party of friends, or even just you and a date to go. This other dude said the food was not bad per say. Well I no food and it is amazing. Anytime you are in the area go and eat there I will be there Friday night along with 25 other people. Have a wonderful time and loosen up because you will have a great time. "
- Scott Ray ( [Dec 8th 2006]


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