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Kiku Sushi Fune


Name:Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Address:483 Mandalay Ave., Clearwater Beach, FL
Phone:(727) 461-2633
Opened:Lunch Mon-Fri noon-2pm Dinner 5pm-10pm Sun-Thu Fri, Sat 5pm-11pm
Review:"This place has it all! Enjoy excellent sushi in a beautifully designed very comfortable atmosphere. Danny, the young owner and sushi master has been satisfying his regulars and new guests for more than 10 years. This is a very popular bar that truly allows you to enjoy yourself--lots of fun and great food."
- Lynne LaCroix [July 3rd 2000]


Sushi Fune

Name:Sushi Fune
Address:Bardmoor Village, 10801 Starkey Rd, Clearwater, FL
Phone:(727) 319-6627
Fax:(727) 319-4829
Opened:Lunch: Mon-Fri 11.30am-2pm, Dinner: Mon-Sat 5pm-10pm
Reviews:"For those who live or visit the Tampa Bay area, this is truly one of the better sushi bars around. Located in a shopping strip next to Publix, this place is quite popular due to the excellent quality of sushi and the many dining options: including the boat flotation system. There are many choices on all boat plates that range in price from 2.00 per blue plate (several good-sized rolls including the California roll), 2.50 per white plate (many more roll and fish options), 3.00 for brown plates (salmon, eel, bagel rolls), and 3.50 for decorated plates that include tuna, sweet shrimp, yellow tail, and smoked salmon. Many other specialty rolls are on the menu and the chefs are extremely flexible and willing to make whatever you prefer. One of the better sushi bars in the area for a very fair price!"
- Lynne LaCroix [July 3rd 2000]
"Quality was so-so. Pieces were small and didn't seem that fresh. You can order of the sushi menu instead of boats. 6 out of 10 Rating. "
- John Dighton [Oct 21st 2003]
"Was ... Ok ... not bad, not good. Friendly staff, but the place needs a remodel! The boat idea was a joke, not what is expected for a Saturday night, the fish floating around was very old and not anything that one would eat. Keep fresher looking fish on the boats and maybe you will sell some? The Eel tasted not so fresh also. Yam roll was very good. White fish sashimi was done nice also. The place just lacked being in the 21st century, but has potential. "
- Jonathan Jacobs [March 8th 2004]
"I was impressed with the quality of the tuna roll and salmon. Both were very fresh and the miso soup was delicious. I will definitely try again !!!!! "
- Mark G. [July 29th 2004]


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