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Kaneya Sushi Express Tokyo Lobby

Kaneya Sushi Express

Name:Kaneya Sushi Express
Address:6334 West Bell Road, Glendale, AZ 85308
Review:"This is Glendale´s only Sushi restaurant as far as I know. They have only been open 10 months and business is slow because NO ONE knows they are there! I found them to be very neat and clean with reasonable prices. Far better than a lot of the trendy Sushi bars that are popping up everywhere! I don´t want to see them go out of business so please add them to your list so other people here can enjoy them as well!"
- Christy L. Schultz ( [February 15th 1999]


Tokyo Lobby

Name:Tokyo Lobby
Address:5775 W. Bell Rd., Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone:(623) 942-4165
Reviews:"Open since October 2002. Outstanding and ultra fresh. The salmon nigiri is especially good. Try also the crispy california roll. "
- Nils Samuelsson ( [February 13th 2003]
"This place has the best sushi in Phoenix, hands down. Another bonus is that the sushi is reasonably priced!"
- [Nov 19th 2007]
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