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Gothenburg/Göteborg, Sweden/Schweden.

Chopstix (former Sushi & Soda 2) Hoze Kafe Japan
Koto LCCs HälsoSushi Little Tokyo
Mikado Noble House Oishii Sushibar
Sakura Sho-Be Sushi Sushi & Soda
Sushi & Soda (3) Sushi Express CLOSED ! Sushibaran

Chopstix (former Sushi & Soda 2)

Name:Sushi & Soda
Address:Kristinelundsg. 3, 41100 Gothenburg (Göteborg)
Phone:+46 (0) 31-185750
Fax:+46 (0) 31-137579
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am - 10pm, Sat-Sun: 1pm - 10pm
- Robert Peric ( [February 20th 1998]
" "
Link:Restaurant Website (swedish)



Address:Stigbergsliden 17, Gothenburg/Göteborg
Review:" "
- Hoze Seruda ( [Aug 2nd 2010]
Link:Restaurant Website/Blog


Kafe Japan

Name:Kafe Japan
Address:Viktoriagatan 8, S-411 25 Gothenburg (Göteborg)
Phone:+46 (0) 31-7010610
Fax:+46 (0) 31-7010610
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11.30 am - 10pm, Sat: Noon - 10pm, Sun: 5pm - 10pm
Reviews:"Sushi and a full menu."
- ( [February 15th 1999]
"Sushi at it´s best. No crabsticks !!"
- Anne Persson ( [June 29th 1999]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Viktoriagatan 5, Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden
Phone:+46 (0) 31-7116411
- Lennart Bergström ( [August 13th 1997]


LCCs HälsoSushi

Name:LCCs HälsoSushi
Address:Östra Larmgatan 9, Gothenburg/Göteborg
Phone:031-13 85 77
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11 am-8pm; Sat, Sun 12 am-6pm
Reviews:"Translate into english, the name means LCCs healthy sushi and it's what the sushibar stand for. They have the best sushi I've ever taste. and it's located in the heart of Gothenburg. "
- Elin Nygren [Aug 19th 2007]
"so goood sushi... "
- lily [Sep 26th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Little Tokyo

Name:Little Tokyo
Address:Linnegatan 53, Gothenburg (Göteborg)
Phone:+46 (0) 31-122820
Opened:11am - 9pm
- Robert ( [November 27th 1998]



Address:Vasagatan 43, Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden
Phone:+46 (0) 31-814805
- Lennart Bergström ( [August 13th 1997]


Noble House

Name:Noble House
Address:Gamla Särövägen 88, Gothenburg/Göteborg
Phone:031 286511
Opened:Tue-Fri: 11.30am - 7pm, Sat: 4pm - 8pm
Review:"Used the Take Away Service only. Very good quality of the fish. The big size of their Sushi Bites makes it a little difficult to eat. I liked it very much. "
- Dirk Eggeling ( [Nov 10th 2006]


Oishii Sushibar

Name:Oishii Sushibar
Address:Lindholmsvägen 1, Gothenburg/Göteborg
Phone:(031) 231-388
Opened:Weekdays :11am - 8 pm
Review:"Great sushibar close to the company center(Ericsson, Volvo, Semcon, Teleca) and Chalmers of Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Always having among the highest ranking in Have a great variation of the ingredients and different kind of fishes. "
- Vince ( [Feb 24th 2007]



Name:Restaurang Sakura
Address:Drottninggatan 60, 41107 Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden
Phone:+46 (0) 31-150105
Fax:+46 (0) 31-156861
Link:Sakura´s Homepage


Sho-Be Sushi

Name:Sho-Be Sushi
Address:Berzeliigatan 13, Gothenburg
Phone:(031) 161-779
Opened:Mon - Sun: 11am - 9pm
Reviews:"'Making a good sushi doesn't lay in one's skills, it lays in one's heart...' and our greatest joy is to see our guest enjoying their sushi...Welcome to Sho-Be Sushi."
- [Aug 15th 2005]
"Review from [ ] 2006-01-14 15:17, Andreas Nordgren Having traveled around asia and the US I have tasted sushi from far and wide, and I must say this sushi bar really stands out from the rest. Having tried sushi in the heart of tokyo in shibuya to the fancy ones in New York city and still this one wins with its great prices, exceptional quality and the most heart warming staff. There are not many sushi bars which has great quality in food and a friendly staff in one place. This one does. I recommend this sushi to everyone, whether you are a seasoned sushi veteran like me or just someone willing to try the exotic taste of Japan. This will definately give you the true taste of Japan. "
- [July 31st 2006]
"I'm not really a sushi lover, but upon visiting Sho-be Sushi website, I began fascinating how delicious the sushi they served. I will definitely visit Sho-be Sushi Bar once I visit Sweden. Congratulations to the owner of the bar. Good Job for setting up a nice Sushi bar. "
- Gemma ( [Nov 4th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Sushi & Soda

Name:Sushi & Soda
Address:Prinsgatan 4, 41304 Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden
Phone:+46 (0) 31-122090
Fax:+46 (0) 31-137579
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am - 9pm, Sat-Sun: 1pm - 9pm
Review:"The best and cheapest sushi in town. Fresh fish every morning from our local fishmarket. Eat in or take away."
- [December 2nd 1997]
Link:Restaurant Website (swedish)


Sushi & Soda (3)

Name:Sushi & Soda (3)
Address:Drottninggatan 61, 411 07 Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden
Phone:+46 31 711 59 60
Fax:+46 31 122 820
Opened:11:00-18:00pm Monday to Saturday
Reviews:"Best lunchvalues, fast and friendly service in the heart of Gothenburg "
- Maria Olsson
"Best lunchvalues in downtown Gothenburg"
- Robert Peric (
"Great lunchvalues in the heart of Gothenburg, crowded at lunchtime"
- Rickard
Link:Restaurant Website (swedish)


Sushi Express CLOSED !

Name:Sushi Express CLOSED !
Address:Linnegatan 53, Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden
Review:"Delivery in and around Gothenburg, fresh, fast and tasty and good prices"
- Maria Olsson



Address:Magasinsgatan 8, Gothenburg (Göteborg)
Phone:(031) 701-7202
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am - 8pm, Sat,Sun: Noon -6pm
Reviews:"My favorite sushi place!"
- Nina Gärdeklint ( [October 7th 2000]
"Göteborgs bästa sushibar. Alltid hög kvalite på mat och trevligt bemötande. "
- Henrik Ahlberg [September 28th 2001]
"Well, not that excellent any more, but still very good. "
- Henrik [Dec 11th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Första Långgatan 32, Gothenburg/Göteborg
Phone:(+46) 3114-5881
Opened:Wed - Fri :11am - 9pm, Sat: 1pm -9pm
Review:"Yamato - the best Sushi in Göteborg? Yes I believe so! We went there today and I was just overwhelmed by the quality of the ingredients and the talents of the itamae Kazuko. She made definitely the best Sushi I ever had in my life. I would not consider myself as some sort of Sushi expert but I’ve tested quite a few of the ~50 sushi bars here in Göteborg. How many of these bars can state that they have a Japanese itamae? Yamato can, this is not just one of the various sushi bars here in town it’s more of a Japanese restaurant. The only competing restaurant in that area is Koto but Yamato plays on a higher level not only regarding the Sushi. One of the things which often divides the god ones from the bad ones is the sushi rice, at Yamato the rice had a delicate aroma and flavor. This was absolutely not the last time at the Yamato, it feels more like the beginning of a tradition and I finally found my favorite sushi place in town. Thumbs up for Yamato! "
- Stephan (
Link:Restaurant Website


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