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Japanesque Sushi Bar CLOSED!

Japanesque Sushi Bar CLOSED!

Name:Japanesque Sushi Bar CLOSED!
Address:Ritsevoort 18, 1811 DN Alkmaar, Holland/Netherlands
Phone:(072) 520-6520
Fax:(072) 520-6525
Opened:Daily: 10am-6pm
Reviews:"Nice sushi bar and Japanese shop, situated in the pittoresque old centre in the city of Alkmaar Holland, with itīs faous cheese market and nice old buildings. Our shop is excllusive for the North of Holland. We have take away sushi!!"
- Linda Klinkenberg, shop-owner ( [June 25th 2000]
"Sushi Bar and Japanese Shop situated in the centre of the very old Cheese town of ALKMAAR. Our shop is very special. It's worth a visit. Taste our Sushi!! See you in Alkmaar. "
- Daniel Boesten, Deborah Poppen ( [April 19th 2001]
"Now we have a wide range of nice (sushi) porcelain, lacquerware, chopsticks,ingredients for self-making sushi, cooking books, yukatas, kimonos for men and women, visit our renewed shop and taste our new sushi (sushi from thursday-saturday) You sure will like our shop! "
- Deborah Poppen, Shop Manager ( or [August 30th 2001]
"New assortment: Japanese Furniture, screens, Tatami Lamps, Esteban Incense, Fan's, Taste our fantaseafood Sushi, you will like it. "
- Deborah from Japanesque [February 19th 2002]
Link:Shop website (in dutch and english)


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