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Fai Sushi Fish shop Kicho
Sakura (former Tokio) Tendo CLOSED!

Fai Sushi

Name:Fai Sushi
Address:Rotebühlplatz 18, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone:(0711) 615-5650
Fax:(0711) 6155-6529
Reviews:"High class Kaiten-Restaurant."
- Klaus M. Hilligardt [June 25th 2000]
"Friendly service, happy hour between 2pm - 5pm, no reservations necessary, good selection at reasonable prices. When I visited California Rolls were not available. Tea is excellent. "
- Harald Hahn ( [October 13th 2000]
"The quality is (at best) mediocre, prices are too high for that. When I visited, the rice (machine-formed) was not seasoned enough and had no taste at all. Quality and variety of fish were not outstanding, either. "
- Andreas Thaler ( [April 19th 2001]
"If your in the City Centre (stadtmitte) and really need to cure your sushi fix, then try this. If your not desperate stay away. It is quite disapointing. All Sushi is machine made and quite expensive. The next best Sushi is unfortunately in Munich "
- [September 24th 2002]
"This restaurant is so good, I just went there like last weekend it was so yummy and some of it was even cooked, I liked the conveyer belt that was cool to be able to just look at everything and then just pick off what u wanted. It also wasn't overpriced or anything I really liked it! -jessika- 16, stuttgart germany. "
- Jessika [May 15th 2005]


Fish shop

Name:Fish shop: Feinkost Stock (Markthalle)
Address:70173 Stuttgart, Markthalle
Phone:(0711) 245-962
Fax:(0711) 232-206
Opened:Mo - Fri: 8am (???) - 6.30pm, Sat: 8pm 4pm
Review:" Do-it-yourself! Great fun and highly rewarding. Fresh fish from the Atlantic every Tuesday and Thursday, normally sushi-grade Tuna, Salmon and sometimes swordfish, fresh octopus and fresh or cooked shrimps. A little difficult to find: when entering from the castle side, turn left and go through to the *very* end of the markethall, where the shop is hidden behind a separation wall. Other necessary sushi ingredients (e.g. rice, nori, mirin, vinegar, wasabi, natto, bamboo mats, instruction books...) can be found at the small Pakistani shop in the arcades (entrance as before, but turn right). "
- Andreas Thaler ( [June 1st 2001]



Address:Jakobstr. 19, 70182 Stuttgart
Phone:(0711) 247-687
Opened:Mo-Sat: noon - 2pm, 6pm - 10.30pm, Sun: 6pm - 10.30pm
Reviews:"Good sushi. Great futomaki. The California rolls were disappointing. Has a nice small Japanese room in which you can sit on the floor and eat the traditional way. Be sure to make a reservation for that room - and wear fresh socks ;) Parties of four or more persons get a 10% discount on the bill. Sushi platter start at DM 30.00. Green tea is only DM 0.50 !"
- Joachim Tesch ( [January 10th 1999]
"Das Restaurant ist in einem "typisch deutschen" Steinbau untergebracht, was das japanische Flair schon mal extrem reduziert, denn auch innen wird es auf Grund der baulichen Vorgaben nicht wirklich besser. Man hat aber trotzdem versucht, den weitverbreiteten asiatischen Kitsch auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Ausgeglichen wird der Mangel an Flair durch extrem aufmerksame und freundliche Bedienungen. Sake, Mahuro und Ebi waren an meinem Besuchstag der Hammer. Bei meiner (zugegeben fragwürdigen) Vorliebe für Californian Maki verschreckte mich die verarbeitete Mayonaisse extrem...aber selbst schuld... die Rechnung war mir etwas zu hoch, soll heissen: das Preis/Leistungs-Verhältnis schien mir nicht ganz korrekt...aber der Besuch ist schon ein Stückchen her und somit etwas in Vergessenheit geraten!"
- Johannes Kolaczek
" Arguably the best sushi place in Stuttgart (unfortunately, that doesn't mean much;-). However, prices are totally inadequate, especially, as the size of the nigiri has been decreasing constantly over the last years. (I hope the management reads this!) Approx. EUR 20,- for 8 pieces of Sashimi is simply not justified. Re: the California roll (EUR 11,- for 6 small pieces), this is actually one of their specialties and quite tasty. The best advice for sushi-lovers in Stuttgart: visit the market hall in the city! On Tuesday and Thursday the big fish shop receives fresh sushi-grade maguro, shake and kajiki, and the small asian shops have all the necessary other ingredients for you to make your own sushi! "
- Andreas Thaler ( [May 25th 2001]


Sakura (former Tokio)

Name:Tokio Restaurant
Address:Kleine Königstr. 11, 70178 Stuttgart
Phone:(0711) 299-1592
Reviews:"Sushi and Teppan Yaki. I have only eaten sushi there and it was not too exciting. Maybe because I was in Los Angeles a few weeks before and was thrilled by the quality there."
- Markus Weidemann ( [October 12th 1997]
"About as bad as Fai-sushi. Avoid or go for the Chinese food, if you have to. "
- Andreas Thaler ( [May 25th 2001]
"I've eaten here at least 4 times... when I was absolutely desperate for sushi. The sushi is not innovative or outstanding, but good. The prices are as you can imagine quite ridiculously high (2.30 EU for 1 piece of Unagi!!!) "
- Ericka ( [July 8th 2004]
"This is now renamed to Sakura. The highlight of this restaurant is the 'all-you-can-eat' sushi belt. It's about 16,00 EUR each person and a little dissapointing. The sushi is really no sushi at all, but the thai and indonesian plates are really tasty. "
- Patrick [Dec 7th 2005]
"If you can't be bothered driving down to Reutlingen for the Running Sushi at 'Ginza' (cheaper on Sunday afternoon and Monday night), then this place is your only option for relatively reasonably priced and okayish sushi in the Stuttgart region. We were pretty happy with the quality and variety on the night we went - and with 'all you can eat', it's difficult to complain about value for money! "
- Michael ( [Dec 12th 2005]



Address:Lautenschlager Str. 2, 70173 Stuttgart
Phone:(0711) 227-0292
Opened:Daily: 10am - 1am
- ChB ( [May 25th 1998]
"Stylish restaurant at the first floor of the Zeppelin-Carree in the center of Stuttgart. Some say this is the best Japanese restaurant in the southwest of Germany."
"As far as I know they have closed their business."
- Markus Weidemann ( [November 27th 1998]


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