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Kaoru (NEW ADRESS !) Osaka Sushi Park
Tokyo Sushi

Kaoru (NEW ADRESS !)

Name:Kaoru (NEW ADRESS !)
Address:Goethestraße 4 | 68161 Mannheim
Phone:(0621) 156-8308
Fax:(0621) 156-8309
Opened:Mon-Fri: Noon - 3pm 6pm-11pm, Sat: Noon-11pm, Sundays Closed
Reviews:"A nice new kaiten-sushi restaurant where the sushi is passing your seat on small boats. But it´s not only kaiten-sushi, you also can order plates (take-away, too) at reasonable prices. There´s a special offer for lunch. The seafood is fresh despite Mannheim is very far away from the sea."
- Holger Ries ( [May 31st 1999]
"Mannheim, Germany/Deutschland Neue Adresse von Kaoru ist Goethestraße 4 in Mannheim "
- Thomas Oestreich ( [Aug 18th 2013]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address: R7, 31, (at Friedrichsring opposite of side of Dorinth Hotel),68161 Mannheim
Phone:(0621) 122-5592
Fax:(0621) 122-5534
Opened:11.30 am to 3 pm,5.30 pm to Midnight
Reviews:" This restaurant offers traditional Teppan yaki as well as extraordinary good sushis.They have 4 pieces of sushi per portion. My favorites are California roll and Hotategai (Scallop) which is always fresh! The service is very friendly! Make shure that you have a reservation for the evening hours or week-ends. "
- Sylvia Gruell ( [December 28th 2000]
" "


Sushi Park

Name:Sushi Park
Address:L 14, 6, 68161 Mannheim
Phone:(0621) 178-7785
Opened:Daily: Noon-3pm, 5pm - 11pm
Reviews:"Von allen Mannheimer Sushi-Lokalen, die ich mehrfach 'getestet' habe, ist das 'Sushi Park' das beste. Nicht nur wegen der konstanten Qualität des frischen Fischs, der Zutaten und des stets vorzüglichen Reises, sondern auch wegen seines stilvollen persönliches Ambientes. Außerdem ist hier das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis perfekt. Beispiel: Zum reichhaltigen und echt sättigenden Mittagstisch (zwei Varianten zu je 9.50 Euro: 'Sushi Box' bzw. 'Nigiri Sushi') gehört ein kleiner Vorspeisen-Salat mit Sesam, die Miso-Suppe, der eigentliche Hauptgang und hinterher auch noch frisches Obst und ein Gläschen Pflaumenwein. Bewirtschaftet wird das Ganze von einem sehr netten japanisch-koreanischen Ehepaar (seit November 2003). Der Sushi-Meister selbst hat seine Kunst in Tokyo gelernt. Wirklich authentische Küche! "
- Dr. Walter Kirchgessner ( [July 21st 2004]
"Excellent restaurant. Good service, very fresh seafood. When I go here I order the klein-sushi-teller and add on a spicy tuna or another specialty roll. They bring a hot towel out to you when you first get seated, and desert is always on the house - you get a small fruit bowl and a warm concoction of saki and some kind of schnapps. Great place, fine value. "
- Saurabh [June 15th 2005]
"Outstanding restaurant. Great cuts, great maki and great sushi. Forgot some personal items there, came back 6 weeks later and they remembered...great service. "
- Clark ( [March 20th 2006]


Tokyo Sushi

Name:Tokyo Sushi
Address:Q4 12, 68161 Mannheim
Phone:(0621) 336-5338
Reviews:"This is an excellent smoke-free(yes smoke-free in Germany the land of cigarettes with food). They have a very varied and interesting Sushi menu which includes a wide variety of fish and vegetarian offerings and in interesting combinations. The algae salad is also excellent as a starter. "
- Mike Silva ( [Sept 6th 2006]
"Für mich das beste Sushi restaurant in Mannheim. Preis-Leistung super, leider of etwas zu voll. "
- Thomas Oestreich ( [Aug 18th 2013]


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