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Konomi Sakura SameSame
Tokio Sushi CLOSED !


Address:Untere Neckarstr. 54, 69117 Heidelberg
Phone:(06221) 167-516
Fax:(06221) 167-517
Opened:Tue-Sun: Noon - 2.30pm, 6pm - 11pm, Closed: Mondays and Sunday and public holiday dinner only
Reviews:"69117 Heidelberg, und nicht 69115. Ausserdem haben wir Sonn- und Feiertage mittags immer geschlossen. Es waere nett, wenn sie diese verbessern koennten, da es schon mal vorkam, dass Kunden Sonntag mittags da waren und sich wunderten, wieso wir nicht geoeffnet haben. Vielen Dank. Wir haben auch einen Homepage, die leider noch nicht vollstaendig ist."
- Martin Braun ( [March 15th 1999]
"A real nice and friendly place in the heart of Heidelberg across the Stadthalle with small but very good sushi offers. Daily changing lunch menu. In the evening very good set meals."
- Harald Hahn ( [August 23rd 1999]
"A very cosy restaurant located within a city hotel. The selection is limited (compared with US restaurant) but the quality and presentation of the Sushi and Sahimi is outstanding. The restaurant is decorated with traditional Japanese artifacts. Highly recommended."
- Helmut Bode (
"OUTSTANDING! Try the California rolls! They are unbelievable. Really nice flair in this little restaurant. "
- [October 9th 2001]
"The BEST restaurant I've ever been to. The waiters are very very nice and caring. The menues are gorgeous and not even expensive. Make sure to reserve a table if you go there in the evenings. "
- Tommy ( [June 5th 2002]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Bergheimer Str, 69115 Heidelberg
Phone:(06221) 656-256
Review:"Very small but nice sushi bar. The sushi tastes great and you get it for a very good price. "
- Tommy ( [April 29th 2003]



Address:Steingasse 18, Heidelberg
Phone:(06221) 729-1737
Fax:(06221) 729-1738
Opened:Mo-Thu:12-22, Fr,Sa: 12-23, So: 12-21
Reviews:"The Sushi Bar exists since march 2006. "
- Konstantin (
"Kleines, aber sehr gemütliches Restaurant. Köstliches und immer frisch zubereitetes Sushi. Small and cozy restaurant offering declicious sushi."
- Viola [Nov 25th 2008]


Tokio Sushi CLOSED !

Name:Tokio Sushi CLOSED !
Address:Obere Neckarstrasse 5 (Zum Tränktor), 69117 Heidelberg
Reviews:"Ganz neu. Offensichtlich ein Ableger des Q7 in Mannheim. Sehr gute Qualität, Preise o.k. Die Seeteufelleber war ein Gedicht. Brandnew, possibly a branch of Q7 in Mannheim. "
- Thomas Oestreich ( [February 11th 2003]
"Die Tokyo-Bar hat nichts mit dem hervorragenden Sushi-Restaurant 'Kaoru' von Q 7 aus Mannheim zu tun. Die Qualität kann an dieses Restaurant nicht heranreichen. (Has no connection with the outstanding Q7) "
- Albert K. ( [June 16th 2003]
"Hallo Albert, bin mir nicht so sicher, da der Sushi Koch in Heidelberg früher in Mannheim gearbeitet hat. Für mich sind beide qualitativ und preislich auf dem selben Niveau. (Dear Albert, I am not sure, because the sushichef used to work in Mannheim. Both restaurants in my opinion are on the same level.) "
- Thomas Oestreich ( [Sept 23rd 2003]
"After having tried just about all Sushi-Restaurants in Heidelberg, Tokio Sushi has become my personal favourite and my only recommendation for sincere Sushi fans. The restaurant itself is very small with a simple interior and just a couple of tables and some seats at the bar. Reserving a table is a must as it is virtually impossible getting a seat without. All Sushi is freshly prepared upon order, which means that you have to plan in enough time, as it can take a while until you are finally served... but it is worth every minute. For those with a very big appetite, I can only recommend ordering the Sushi 'all you can eat' menu with free choice from all dishes listed. Definitely worth a visit! "
- André Jenczmionka [Nov 18th 2005]


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