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Cafe Maki CLOSED ! Dan san Eatz CLOSED !
Gyosai-Sushi Ichiban Ichiban (2)
Kabuki Kairinmaru CLOSED! Koto
Len's Keishoku Bar Liisa's Cafe & Sushi CLOSED ! Nori Sushi Bar
Pick Up Deli Raku Ya Yume
Zen Sushi

Cafe Maki CLOSED !

Name:Cafe Maki CLOSED !
Address:Annankatu 4, Helsinki


Dan san

Name:Dan san
Address:Uudenmaankatu 15, Helsinki
Review:" Actually a sandwich, lunch bar. I'm not sure of the staff's education on preparing sushi, but the food gave impression of lack of skill. "
- Suvi Korhonen ( [December 28th 2000]



Name:Eatz CLOSED !
Address:Mikonkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki,
Phone:(+358) 9-6877240
Fax:(+358) 9-68772411
Opened:Mon-Sat 11-23, Sun closed.
Reviews:"Kaiten-sushi. Relatively expensive. Tuomas A. Sirén ( )[Sep17th 2001] ----------------------------------------------------- Price is unbelievably expensive though the taste of each sushi is not exactly sushi. I should call it sushi-like. It is better for them to replace the chef as she is not appropriate and has no skill to prepare sushi. [December 7th 2001]"
"I've been to most sushi places in Helsinki and while overpriced and not all *that* great, Eatz is still the best of the bunch. There are (at least?) two chefs, who unlike most sushi places in Helsinki at least know how to maintain quality: no wasabi bombs or inedible fish chunks to wreck your meal. Eatz has the largest selection in Helsinki, the fish is reasonably fresh and, despite the conveyor belt, you can order what you want directly from the chefs as well. All in all, definitely a step in the right direction. "
- [February 19th 2002]
"Expensive compared to what you get. I haven't been impressed with their quality: some inedible fish chunks and so-so taste overall. Sushi bar is a plus."
- Hannele ( [April 4th 2003]
"How can you call this a sushi place. The service = 0, due the conveyer belt. The choice of sushis is very limited. The service people do not know anything about sushis, if you ask for something which is not on the menu. All in all disappointing. Please avoid this place for sushi, just go there to have a drink in a good atmosphere."
- Bronia ( [April 7th 2003]
"Hi, agree, not really sushi, fish is mostly fresh, rice is strange, it is better than no sushi, service is not high quality, chefs dont know really sushi. Wilhem [Nov 14th 2005] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wouldnt call that sushi.. its one of the worst places I've ever eaten.. what they call sushi.. "
- Meirav [Nov 27th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website
Other related Links:Restaurant Website (2)



Address:Runeberginkatu 40B, Helsinki
Opened:Weekdays 11am -7pm, Sat: 11am -5pm, Sundays Closed
Reviews:"A small (6 seats) sushi bar hosted by a Japanese chef with 20 years of experience. Best maki platters & price value in town. Take-away. "
- Suvi Korhonen ( [September 24th 2000]
"I live next to this place, I've been there once and I am not going back. It was the worst sushi I've ever eaten, some of fish pieces were outright rotten. Eating the squid was like chewing rubber and even the rice was not sushi rice. The chef has no clue what he is doing. Avoid. "
- [February 19th 2002]
"Best sushi restaurant in Töölö. Inexpensive and quick service. Open 6 days per week. "
- Andy Strong ( [March 23rd 2003]
"VERY GOOD sushi, as good as in Kabuki. Best value in town. "
- Hannele ( [April 4th 2003]
"It seems that all products are frozen before usage. So called prefabricated sushi....all tastes the same. "
- Bronia ( [April 7th 2003]
"Worst sushi place in Helsinki. Avoid. Messy restaurant and unpolite owner. Expensive. "
- PK [May 22nd 2007]



Address:Mikonkatu 8, 2nd Floor, Helsinki
Phone:(+358) ( 9) 627 345
Fax:(+358) 05080-592555
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am -9pm, Sat: Noon - 7pm
Reviews:"Opened in August 2002. Lunch 7,5 Euro incl. 6 sushi and 2 maki, green tea + miso. Taste good, prices fair, Japanese staff, service could be more friendly, but not bad anyway. "
- T. Holländer [August 27th 2002]
"Currently the best sushi restaurant in Helsinki (and, after the restaurant review section of Helsingin Sanomat agreed with me, the most popular one as well). The fish was fresh, the prices were reasonable, service friendly but a little on the slow side. "
- Jani Patokallio ( [February 12th 2003]
"Best value for money sushi lunch in central Helsinki, good take away, fast. Minus: lunch plate is always the same. "
- petter vb [February 13th 2003]
"The so-called sushi in this place had for example maguro substituted with tuna mayonaise paste. Service was extremely rude and arrogant, there was no resemblance of polite behavior. If it has ever been a nice place, that has certainly changed. "
- Petrus Pennanen ( [May 1st 2005]
"To my less-experienced taste, Ichiban (both venues) is the best place for sushi in Helsinki. ..............................koomikko [Nov 18th 2005] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice and clean small place. Sushi were very good at reasonable price. Service wasn't so rood as Petrus says, though I haven't noticed high-level personel's behavior - just normal. But this place is not a complete restaurant - this is small sushi bar, I think they don't pretend on high-level service.I would recommend to visit Ichiban if you want good sushi at reasonable price! [Nov 30th 2005] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to say, I was truly taken off guard by this place. It has a limited selection -- for instance, they would not do an unagi hand-roll -- and is tucked away in a dingy central shopping mall. But the sushi was fantastic, possibly the best that I have had. The freshness was remarkable, fish that simply melts in your mouth! I had the Special Set, with a side order of unagi (since they didn't have the hand roll), and every single morsel of the great variety in that set was perfectly put together, with a superior piece of fish. Do not miss this place, if you are in Helsinki! "
- T. Bekman [Dec 7th 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Ichiban (2)

Name:Ichiban Quick&Tasty area
Address:Kampin keskus, Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki
Phone:(+358) (09) 730-222
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm, Sat: Noon-7pm, Sun: xmas season: Noon - 7pm
Reviews:"To my less-experienced taste, Ichiban (both venues) is the best place for sushi in Helsinki. "
- koomikko [Nov 18th 2005]
"Very busy. Basic sushi, specials not always available. Service so-and-so, staff seems to change. Prices higher than in Zen (500m away). Good location, good selection of beer & sake. "
- Kati C [Dec 22nd 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website



Address:Lapinlahdenkatu 12, Helsinki
Phone:(09) 694-9446
Reviews:"Best sushi in Helsinki."
"After beeing a customer at Kabuki since it opened (must be some 14 years now...) it always strikes me how highclassed this restaurant is. Aki the owner and cook is still going strong. Remember too reserve a table because the place is always fully booked. Try Akis Ebi Furai and Yakiniku too. You won´t be disappointed!! Promise! "
- Patricia Tiihonen [August 3rd 2002]
"Always high-quality sushi. When you go to Kabuki, you know you are going to get good food. It never lets you down. "
- Hannele ( [April 7th 2003]
"Mostly excellent, but they have recently been getting little sloppy at times. Very arrogant service. "
- Mikko Korhonen [May 23rd 2005]
Link:Restaurant Website


Kairinmaru CLOSED!

Address:Korkeavuorenkatu 4, Helsinki 00100
Phone:639 120
Review:"Kairinmaru does not exist anymore."
- Tylle Väisänen ( [March 15th 1999]



Address:Kalevankatu 21, Helsinki
Phone:(09) 646-080
Fax:(09) 612-3828
Reviews:"Favored by japanese living in Finland, restaurant Koto prepares meals for Finairs flights to Japan (catering service available). Has a proper non smoking area and is not generally as full booked as Kabuki. "
- Suvi Korhonen ( [December 28th 2000]
"Not making food fo finnair flights anymore. "
- [February 12th 2003]
"Good, authentic, friendly service. I think it's one of the best in Helsinki. "
- Meirav [Nov 27th 2005]
"Visited tonight while in Helsinki on business. Sushi was excellent, it wasn't cheap but not over the top expensive - then again I wasn't paying! I'll be back there next week! "
- Adrian [Feb 6th 2007]
Link:Restaurant Website


Len's Keishoku Bar

Name:Len's Keishoku Bar
Address:Pursimiehenkatu 5, Helsinki
Phone:(09) 666-797
Review:"Nice, very small place. Quite modern outlook, a lot of new Finnish design. The food is good, and very fresh. "
- Kalle-maija ( [Jan 26th 2006]
Link:Restaurant Website


Liisa's Cafe & Sushi CLOSED !

Name:Liisa's Cafe & Sushi CLOSED !
Address:Fredrikinkatu 41, 00120 Helsinki
Phone:+3589612 7707
Review:"A variety of fine sushi in an unreasonable steep price. "
- Hans Kokkeli ( [April 25th 2003]


Nori Sushi Bar

Name:Nori Sushi Bar
Address:Old Markethall ( Vanha Kauppahalli),Eteläranta 1, Helsinki
Phone:(09) 260-0027
Fax:(09) 260-0027
Opened:Mon-Fri: 11am - 7pm, Sat: 11am - 3pm, Sundays closed
Reviews:"Opened June 14th, 1999 with lots of publicity. People are lining to get in. They say we have the best sushi in town."
- Kimmo Jylhä ( [June 29th 1999]
"Expanded march 2000, now 38 seats. I think it is the biggest sushibar in Scandinavia."
- Kimmo Jylhä (
"We went there for lunch, March 2002, and weren't very impressed. The fish was okay but the sushi (rice) wasn't good. It could just be because of the lunch rush, it seemed they were making a lot of certain kinds they anticipated people would order. But that's just a guess. "
- Ofer Inbar ( [Dec 12th 2002]
"Has expanded a lot, but quality has gone downhill. The 20 Euro lunch I ate there last week was tiny given the price and the fish was not fresh, ranging from dry to inedible. Good miso soup though. "
- Jani Patokallio ( [February 13th 2003]
"I have never eaten so tiny sushi and so expensive. And it also did not taste like sushi at all. "
- sm [Jan 5th 2004]
"The price/quality -ratio is an insult to a sushi-lover. The Old Market Hall provides nice surroundings, though. "
- Kati C. [Oct 11th 2007]
"Owner has changed in 2005!!! "
- kimmo jylhä ([May 6th 2010]


Pick Up Deli

Name:Pick Up Deli
Address:Aleksanterinkatu 50, Helsinki
Reviews:"They sell take-away 'sushi 4+2' boxes in this place. They don't prepare the sushi there though. The quality is surprisingly good, or at least much better than the stuff I had last time in Gyoshai-Sushi. "
- Antti Kaihola (no spam to akaihola at ambitone dot com) [July 7th 2002]
"Antti: That's pretty funny, considering that their boxes come from Gyosai's kitchen.. [:)] "
- Suvi Korhonen [August 22nd 2003]


Raku Ya

Name:Raku Ya
Address:Eteläranta 14, Helsinki
Phone:(09) 675-449
Reviews:"Fine dining place, quite nice atmosphere and stylish place. I've been there only once and food was ok then, prices are quite high, as always for sushi. The ceramic plates, cups and bowls were very beautiful. "
- Kalle-maija ( [Jan 26th 2006]
"This is possibly the best Japanese restaurant in Helsinki. For plain sushi, go to Ichiban, but for a nice dinner experience with good sake and food, Raku Ya is hard to beat. "
- Camillo [Jan 9th 09]
Link:Restaurant Website (english and finnish)



Address:Kluuvikatu 2, 00100 Helsinki
Phone:(+358) 9 5840 9356
Fax:(+358) 9 576 1122
Opened:Mon-Sat: 5.30pm-Midnight, closed sundays
Review:"Part of Hotel Kamp. Expensive but Sushi quality is quite good. Other creative dishes worth a try. Decor is quite beautiful. "
- HM ( [Apr 3rd 2007]


Zen Sushi

Name:Zen Sushi
Address:Kamp Galleria, Pohj. Esplanadi 29 (upstairs!), Helsinki
Phone:(09) 671-367
Reviews:"Now the best sushi/sahimi/maki in town as price/quality is much better than kabuki. Just watch early opening/closing times. "
- Pepe ( [Nov 17th 2005]
"Asked for a 12 pc set with saba and tamago replaced with anything else. Waitress said that only one substitution is possible. I told they did this request every time before, waitress said ok. I ordered some other stuff in addition (total lunch order for me 25€) and was going to sit down. Waitress comes back and says what do I substitute, only one substitution possible. I told her I thought we discussed this already, she said no. Was not the first time they were rude, so will never go again. The sushi itself is medium level (not any better) but it's amazing to find such attitude for serving it. Some of the staff are half-Japanese but they certainly lack any resemblance to Japanese customer service - actually the Finnish staff is much more service oriented. Best sushi places in Helsinki remain Kabuki, Gyosai and Raku-ya. "
- Petrus Pennanen ( [Jan 12th 2006]
"Very nice and smooth service. Rice very good, prices reasonable, less than competition nearby... Less crowded than others in the centre. "
- Kati C. [Dec 22nd 2006]
"Visited here some time ago and will never go again. The maguro even smelled a bit bad and after I told that this is not fresh and I will not eat it, something quite strange happened. The owner or who ever is in charge rushed from behind the counter next to my table and started asking me explanations and claiming that the food is ok. I didn't eat even half of what I ordered since it was spoiled yet I got no discount whatsoever. I have never seen such service. I recommend staying away from this place. "
- Herman [Feb 26th 2010]


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